Hello Hump Day

Hi!  It’s Wednesday, as if you needed a reminder huh?  😉  You’re welcome.  😉

Today I’m off to Ventura to go to a Leadership Consortium for the day.  Nope, I’m not in management but the company offers PEE-ONs like me the opportunity to go occasionally, so I take it.  I take it when I’m feeling up to it.


Don’t you just love that term?  What “pee on” doesn’t need to get out of the office once in a while?  Oh thank you kind sir!

I like to drive up to Ventura and this is a good excuse.


The weather here is nice enough for a drive, maybe a little warm.  The air conditioner is supposed to be fixed on Friday. Fingers crossed I can swing that cost.  It will take every.last.dime, I’m sure.

I have been really good about not spending money on little things so that I can have money for the big things like car repair.

Today I have to  want to buy lunch, so I will try to find a Thai restaurant and get some soup and rice. I’ll take a book I picked up and can’t put down.  I finished The Glass Castle btw, very good. 

If I see  thrift store I’ll stop in and see if there are any bags of old golf balls and/or golf clothes for my kid.  That’s my Thrift Store list.  I am kicking myself for not picking up a bag of balls for $3.00 last time I saw it.  She uses the old ones for practice rounds and new ones for tourneys.  I will pick up a candle or two as well if I see any.  My thrift store list has really dwindled.  Actually my “need to buy list” has dwindled.  I used to have this great route, but now I really don’t go much.

There is this National Thrift Store Directory too, if you are interested.

So that’s my day.  A little different than usual.  I hope you have a great day and maybe do something out of the ordinary.  Living on the edge –  such a wild woman!  😉



5 thoughts on “Hello Hump Day

  1. Ummmmm……scrubbed the kitchen counter, cabinets & garbage can – does that count? If it does, my life is pathetic 🙂

  2. I am, aren’t I 🙂 That is pretty much how I spend my days filled in with cross-stitch & knitting projects and I do volunteer in my friend’s 1st grade classroom twice a week, so at least I get out of the house sometimes!!! I find if I stay home I don’t spend money…..hmmmm…..funny how that works, huh 🙂

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