Ventura–Nice Day (inside)

Hello!  It was so nice in Ventura yesterday, it was much cooler there than where I live for sure. 


A funny thing, my air conditioner started to cool off just for a bit!  I think it might be a cheaper fix than I initially thought!  Keep your fingers crossed!  Maybe its just coolant!  OMG, wouldn’t that be awesome!?!

Another bit of good news.  I talked to my lawyer yesterday about the 7% swap  I received beginning of the year and he said just forget it.  He actually said something else that made me feel pretty positive.  He told me not to contact him unless I get an increase or decrease in pay of about 20%.  That is huge!  On the flip side of that, the paperwork from the Trustee says contact your attorney at 10% change I think.  Whatever, both percentages are not happening any time soon!  When we said good bye  I told him I would talk to him again… IN TWO AND HALF YEARS! 

Isn’t this pretty?


Too bad I spent most of the day in here!


Learning about this:


And this:  (this is Southern California after all, where Free Expression and personal choice is King!)


I found a Thai restaurant and had my soup and was able to read some of this novel that I’m enjoying.


On my way back from lunch I spotted this sign:


Not only do we live in earthquake country we live in Tsunami country too.

If that doesn’t give you a slow underlying stress simmer I don’t know what will!

Out of sight, out of mind. 

I just kept my thoughts on this!


Going home.

(I went to a thrift store that I knew was close by only to find it closed.  Kind of glad, the only money I spent was for lunch and some groceries later when I got home.)

Getting closer to the weekend, any plans?


5 thoughts on “Ventura–Nice Day (inside)

  1. Good for you for trying to expand your knowledge and taking advantage of the opportunities given to you! The one thing I can say for where we live is it would take a MAJOR earthquake to reach us and we are above the dam line…..our only issue would be a prison break since Folsom prison is about a mile away 🙂

    No plans for this weekend except hopefully working out in the backyard if it doesn’t get too hot – too hot to do anything really physical but still not hot enough to jump in the pool afterward (unless I want to become a popsicle).

    I also have a ton of cozy mysteries a friend gave me I want to start knocking out. I always have at least 3 books going but I really want to fit reading in more often.

  2. Sounds like a great day away from the office.

    My neighbor went to California for training and said it’s beautiful but too many people and it’s like a shock the senses.

  3. I love the cozy mysteries. The librarians don’t even need my card anymore – I think they know my number by heart I am there so much 🙂 They have noticed 2 themes in my books though – murder and money (I am always reading some sort of financial book) – guess I better shake it up a little bit, my husband says he’s a little concerned about those topics 🙂

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