Car Repair

Well, hello!

The cost of the air conditioner was not as bad as I thought, HOWEVER,  there are other things they found… naturally!

I dropped the car off first thing.


Then I walked down to the main street so my ride could find me.


At least it’s a nice area.


Love the palm tree hiding.  I still can’t get over palm trees! 

Anyway.. I just got a call and they wanted $616.00~  for everything!

Like no, no and definitely no!!!!

So I took off a few of the things that they wanted to do, and ended up with a bill (estimate) for $476.00

OMG, all at once. 

At least I have the money for it in the bank, only because I held onto my HOA payment until the last minute! 

Where there is a will there is a way! 

This will take care of tune up, brakes, air conditioner and a leaky gasket that is leaking oil into my spark plugs.  So that is probably going to make my car run a lot better. 

I am just glad I had some money to do it.  I’m always grateful when I can pay a bill, know what I mean?

Hope your day is less expensive than mine!


16 thoughts on “Car Repair

  1. The Car Talk guys always said the cheapest car to drive is the car you’re currently driving. Car repairs suck, but hopefully this will keep it running healthy for a long while.

    • Yeah thats what I hope, no more for a bit! Heck some people pay this much a month for a car payment. I feel pretty lucky as this is the most i have paid in 10 years!

  2. Car repairs do suck but thank goodness it is something you can fix!!! My son’s car just threw a rod and is TOAST so now I have no car because he is driving mine.

    • Oh bummer Sue! That would scare me! I have no idea what i would do because as the breadwinner I will prob refuse to let my daughter drive my car without me in it because if she wrecks it, we would be up shitz crick ! ;/)

  3. Yea – lucky for him I have no life 🙂 He was very fortunate to have gotten his car for free when MIL couldn’t drive any more and hubby was surprised it lasted this long (4 years) so this next car is all him. We have had a serious talk about why you need an emergency fund and savings account – hope this teaches him a lesson!!!

  4. Actually…..I’m kind of having a “do as I say, not as I do” moment…..we do have an EF, but it isn’t nearly as much as it SHOULD be. You would think after my husband got laid off 6 years ago and it took him 4 YEARS to find a job in his area of expertise we would do nothing but save money but…..old habits die hard. Our biggest vice is eating out – something we are trying very hard to work on but fall off the wagon quite a bit!!! 😦

    • Sue, You are just trying to teach your kid based on your own experience and hope he learns. You are gonna see me do lots of bone head things and lots of smart things too I hope! ;-). We are doing the best we can! Eat out, but eat in too. I was tired and really wanted to pick up my 6.00 soup tonight, but I spent $$$ today so I ate at home. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have my soup soon, so we just make choices!

      I also stopped and found some great golf skirts for kid today! A super deal, but that is why I opted to eat at home for tonight. ;/)

  5. You are right, we have to just take it one step at a time. Quite honestly, my kids didn’t have the best financial role models until the last few years so it is no wonder they don’t save money. But we DID finally learn (and still are learning) and hopefully so will they!

  6. That is a lot of money, but is cheap by car standards – cheaper than car payments, cheaper than the expensive fixes if you didn’t get that stuff done now.

    My weekend was just as expensive: vet bills. $500 in two days, and I hope this is the end of it. It is worth it to have him healthy, but my vacation fund just went up in smoke (or x-rays, blood work, two liters of saline, penicillin….).

    • Bridget, what is wrong with your fur baby?? I hope that is all you have you have to spend and fb is good to go! Vet bills are an expense that I should plan for, but like everything else I just hope I can deal with it!

      • He threw up for a week straight. X-Rays didn’t show any abnormal masses or things that he could have swallowed, but did show some constipation. That can cause cats to vomit. Blood work just came back showing elevated thyroid levels, so my beloved fur baby will be taking thyroid medication twice a day for the rest of his life. 😦 Poor little guy.

  7. @bridget, at least you caught it!!! Did you tell me he is a blk and wht tuxedo cat? So pretty! I wonder if I will be aware if my cats need me, like babies its hard cause they cant tell you! 😦

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