Thrifty Buys

It’s Saturday and thankfully, there is not a lot on my plate this weekend that costs too much money!

Yesterdays car repair was quite an expense, but it’s a done deal and hopefully there won’t be much else  needed except tune-ups and oil changes for a while.

After I picked up my car on my lunch hour yesterday I still had some time to kill and I was right across the street from one of my favorite local thrift stores.  I thought what the heck.

Wow, my kid scored.  I picked her up a bunch of golf skirts for a little over $30.00.  One skirt can be twice that much new.

I went in and found this really cute one on the rack.


A volunteer came up and told me that they just got a bunch in and if I wanted to come to the back and look at them I could.  Well, yeah!!!  Thank you!

I found more!


I also picked up a cute summer top for under a tee for her.  Sorry for the blur!


And for me, a really REALLY super soft T-Shirt.


I cannot tell you how soft this tee is!  Even the woman who checked me out had to hug it!  😉 It was $4.00.

Plus I’m an old school, die-hard Giorgio fan.  I remember it from the 90s, I  loved it so much.  I have small bottle of it now, you can get it super cheap these days, and it brings back the best memories.  The times of my life!

Today my daughter has her interview for her first (if you don’t count babysitting) paying job!  Remember a couple of years ago when she started at the art camp?  Once the CITs turn 16 they can get a real job there as camp counselor!  She will be 16 in May.  16!

I created a resume for her and she has her work permit application ready to go.  We are so excited. She wants to earn as much as she can for a car.

After that, off to golf practice.  Then I want to come home and clean, cook and hang out.

That’s my agenda, what’s up with you?



13 thoughts on “Thrifty Buys

  1. Prayers said for her job interview.

    Looking cute is part of the fun of golf. Golf has the best outfits and accessories.

    • I can’t believe how much sports outfits cost! I get as much as I can from thrift store. She is set for a while now, just maybe shirts. Fingers crossed!!

  2. Fingers crossed for the interview!!! It is always so exciting when they get their first job!!!

    Nothing going on here except some yard work I think if it doesn’t get too hot. I should do some laundry, but I just don’t see that happening 🙂 I think I may just sit on the couch, watch movies, and work on cross-stitch/knitting projects!!

  3. Sending positive thoughts for the job interview. I love it when kids want to work. I’m getting ready to take a walk. Then I need to convince myself to practice fl/clar/ sax for a musical I’m playing for.

  4. I am so in awe of people with musical ability, of which I have NONE!!! My daughter played the clarinet from 4th grade all the way through marching band in her 4 years of high school but stopped once school was over & she really regrets it. How many instruments do you play Kim?

    • I’m accomplished at woodwinds, pretty good at brass, competent at percussion, and miserable at strings. Luckily I’ve always taught band and not orchestra:)

  5. That is amazing – I am really in awe of people with musical talent – I am not blessed with that particular talent, unfortunately!!!

  6. Hi DebtGirl,

    My fingers are crossed for your daughter’s interview..she sounds like her mom…a go getter…
    Your shopping spree was awesome, you did extremely well. I know that someday this site will be an inspiration for others – it’s serious, it’s fun and it’s loaded with good ideas and proof of how well things can go if you really think things through and plan. No, life is not always perfect but you do everything to make it better than you think it can b and that’s commendable and inspirational. I am so happy you invited me to your site…you have been an inspiration for me and I look forward to reading your blog of the day – it gives me very positive thoughts going through each day.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.


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