Boneyard Workout Studio


Hello!  How are things today?  I’m feeling pretty good.  New med hasn’t kicked in, it could take months, but I’m maintaining.  It has been rough since last OCTOBER!  That long! 

If I can slow simmer like this for the rest of my life, I’d be able to cope.  My new normal is very different than the way things once were.  We move on and make the best right? 

Speaking of making the best.  I was laying on the couch on Sunday (watching a freebie movie) thinking about my physical shape.   I didn’t go for my lake walk.  It’s not a good idea to blow off exercise especially when you have chronic illness.  Its best to get as much exercise as you can if you are feeling up to it.  No excuses allowed.  You gotta take advantage of the “good” times.  At my age, 55 in May,  there is not that much time to waste!

So the longer I thought about it I remembered something… hey… what ever happened to the time I used to work out in the old Boneyard??  (That’s the room that has all the old crap that nobody knows what to do with).

We used to workout in there every single day.  Some of the other ladies at work used it too, we had an assigned schedule for who was using it and when.

Yesterday at break time I cleaned it up.  I moved everything off the carpet area:


Vacuumed and put down a yoga mat to stretch:


I made sure the DVD player worked:


And then I plugged in a DVD and got busy – I got back at it!


I used an old Walk Away the Pounds DVD.  Have you ever used these?  ANYONE CAN DO THIS in the comfort of your living room.

I highly recommend them.

Today I brought in some new DVDs from home.

Remember a couple months ago when I bought these?  I sent a copy to my BFF in Portland and I think she likes them!


I still want to walk the trails at break, but this is a great way to make sure I stretch!

I bought this DVD for my daughter months ago and she and I haven’t even opened it.


Will try some yoga too.

Walking is really, really good, but I think stretching is important as well. 

At least this Boneyard Workout Studio beats the cost of a gym!   FREE!

Guess what tomorrow is?  I can hardly wait to post!!



9 thoughts on “Boneyard Workout Studio

  1. DG, how fortunate you are to have a place to work out! Email me when you have a second – I have some yoga and stretching DVDs I’d love to gift you!

    • Omg you are so generous!!! I have the best virtual friend! I don’t have a PO Box and I don’t give out my address because I blog annonomously but your offer really makes my day!

      Thank you so much! You guys make me feel so much better about my situation. Thank you!!!!!

      I cannot believe it!!! 😉

      • DG, do you know if your local library accepts donations? I could send them there and you can check them out. 🙂 Libraries up here have actually refused donations when I have offered previously.

  2. They dont take donations? Thats weird. We have a friends of the library here that accepts donations, let me check that out! Will email you later! Thanks agian! 🌷🌷🌷🌷

  3. Good for you for making that extra effort to do something for yourself during lunch!!! And it is all free – you gotta love that!!! I really wish I weren’t such a couch potato but (you knew there was gonna be a but, right….) my arthritis in my knees and hands is so bad it makes it almost impossible to do anything physical for very long. I even have to clean the house in steps because I start hurting so badly. Getting old sucks!!!

    • Sue, go on youtube and search for
      Leslie sanstone walk away the pounds! 15 minutes, put on tennies for support. Just try, i promise u will fall in love!!! Easy peasy!!!!

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