Half Way Today – 30 of 60!

Today I make my 30th Payment!  I’m officially 2.5 years into this journey of becoming debt free!


30 Payments!  The necklace grows!


Now I start the count down… 29…28…27…. until I get to 0! 

This is a long process.  Its not for the faint at heart.  However, if you are in a situation like I was, it is the only option.  I was underwater on my mortgage, I had more debt than I could possibly get out of myself out of in five years and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Believe me, I tried!

Now when I am finished  with this process, I will have equity and the only debt I will have is my student loan. You cannot discharge a student loan.  However, it gets deferred and you don’t have to pay it while in a bankruptcy. 

I chose to continue paying my loan because I do not want that loan out there incurring more interest debt and having that looming over me. 

I will still owe on it for 10 more years when this is done, but can you imagine how much that debt would have grown?  Its not part of the budget, the Trustee expects you to defer it, so if you want to pay it, you have to come up with it out of the budget for other things. I make it work.

So half way!!  I could not wait to get to this point.  When I started this journey it felt impossible.  I always thought when I got half way I would feel done.  I don’t feel done!  😉  I feel like I have a long way to go, but that I have come a long way too.

I have learned how to live in a cash world for the first time in my life. I know how to budget better than I did, still not great, but better! 

It does feel like I have climbed a jagged mountain this last 30 months but with each foothold I have learned something new. 


Now that I am at the top of the mountain, I will have to navigate the downhill side, which can be just as tough as the uphill. 

I still have a long way to go.  I think and hope that I can make it.  But just think of where I started.

So there it is my friends!  Thank you so much for being with me on this journey, you have no idea how much your virtual friendship and support means to me!

I hope that my journey has encouraged others to stay out of debt, make good financial choices, and live within your means!  (You don’t ever want to end up here!)  

Its not a teaching blog, I am no guru, but I have made mistakes that I hope you can avoid, at all costs!  I have also learned a few tricks to make it work if you do choose this as a solution.  It is available for a reason!

Well, I’m off to work so that I can earn that next payment! 

In 29 more payments I will sign that NO DEBTGIRL!

Have a wonderful day!  Woo hoo, half way!


17 thoughts on “Half Way Today – 30 of 60!

  1. WooHoo, sooo happy for you and proud of you. You’re doing it, Debt Girl. It is hard to stick with something, but you’re doing it. Can’t wait until you’re done with these 60 payments and can then use that money to build wealth.

  2. Woot! Woot! Way to go Debtgirl!

    Why don’t you up the ante and come up with a fun list of (cheap) things to do – you know 30 things in 30 months. 30 books to read, 30 recipes to cook, 30 yoga poses to learn, 30 fab and different hikes etc. Maybe give yourself a tiny budget of $30/month for the activity (if you can swing it). (Or since you plan to move back to Portland you could also aim to do 30 activities near where you live, you know all the stuff that you say you do when you have visitors etc.)

    2.5 years will go quickly. But it’s also a long enough period of time to do something, learn something etc. Just something to consider to make the next 30 months fly by.

    Anyway, well done!
    ~ Pru

    • No Pru, I love those ideas! Now I need to pick something! Maybe I will finish that screenplay or start a book that I keep threatening to write! Something! 🙂

  3. Debt Girl. .Congratulations on hitting 30…I have followed your post since 2013, while I was doing chapter 13 which for us lasted 6 years. I never thought we would ever be done with it, but we have been discharged now since March 2014..It has been a long hard road, and I look back and wonder how we ever made it thru, but somehow you do, because life goes on with or without you. Even though we are thru, I have deleted everything pertaining to our bankruptcy except your post. I read with my morning cup of coffee. Here’s to the next 30!

    • Chestene, congratulations to you!!! That is a huge accomplishment! I know that sometimes they can drag on for many reason dragging out the process as well as the pain! 6 years!!! You got that right once you start the process there is no turning back esp if there is a lien strip involved!!! You are a year out now!!! I am glad you are here reading my posts. You made it, you did it! A fresh start and I am sure you learned so much! Thank you! Can’t wait to join you on the other side… Xo

  4. Congratulations!!!! I’m so proud of you for continuing through this and staying so positive. Your blog is always a joy to read.

    Back when I was a distance runner, the half way point was always a big thing: I knew that I was doing the second half tired, but it also meant that the end was doable.

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