Over The Hump!

We are over the hump in more ways than one. 

Its Thursday and heading into the weekend.  I’m working tomorrow, even though it is my Friday off.  I just have to get some OT under my belt, plus I got a boat load of work. 

A couple of things I’m working on that I’m actually looking forward to are two Easy Peasy projects.

First, I’m looking into a solution to make it easy for users on the network to change their own passwords.  I am looking at this app.


Then I am looking at a solution that will monitor our network, check all the logs and alerts, etc.  This is what I am looking at for that, as a start.  There are a lot of options.


I work in a small company and we don’t need to spend a fortune. 

Speaking of fortune.  Look what came in the mail?

Hello and Goodbye!  Tomorrow, that will be mailed to the Trustee. C’est La Vi!

That will not happen again next year!

I do have some good news though, for a change

Remember a few months ago I told you that we are doing an IT Master Plan at work and they hired an organization to come in and survey all the employees, review all the positions, go over all the projects, etc?  Well… we got back a rough draft of their recommendations and look what might be coming down the road for my position.


This has been on- going for months.  So I feel like we are finally over the hump in this area too. 

I think its added some extra stress.  You feel like you are under a microscope at first but then you just roll with it and I helped as much as I could and tried to be positive.  I really have my fingers crossed that some of their recommendations are approved, especially that one!  Winking smile


Yesterday at lunch I went to Albertsons and bought myself some flowers.  It is what I have been doing as a reward.   I will leave a bud here and take the rest home for the weekend.

So there you have it.  I better get into my day, there is so much more than that going on right now. Thankfully, my health and medicine are working in sync and I feel much better and able to handle my work.

For that I am grateful!

Have a wonderful day!!



7 thoughts on “Over The Hump!

  1. I cringed at the thought of that check going to the trustee.

    You sound postive and encouraged and that is priceless.

  2. I’m just starting chap 13 and came across your blog. Why did you have to send your refund check to the trustee? Scarey….

    • Hi LA! The trustee in the san fernando valley makes you. So if you get that trustee, and there is only one, she requires it. 2300 bucks this year! Buf it was my fault because i didnt fix my deduction right! Its hard to break even! But hope to this year!

      Did you file yet?

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