Credit Score–April 2015

I cannot believe the improvement of my score.  It is close to what it was pre-bk.

When I filed, my score tanked to 555!


Anyway… I got to get into my day!

Working some OT to pay for extras this month and get caught up at work as well.

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Credit Score–April 2015

  1. I can’t believe how credit scores swing so much from month to month. We have two cards that have about 5k limit. We rotate them and keep usage between 10 and 30 precent. I pay it off every month but it still cause my score to bounce. I think we are 640 8 months out.
    Your score is great.

  2. What source do you use for your credit score? I have always used CreditKarma but don’t like their new format. It used to show a graph chart of what your scores have been the past months, now it’s just today’s score. Ours is in the 690’s now, but I’m sure when I looked a month or so ago I was up over 700 finally. Oh well, like Gail says – they swing from month to month for no apparent reason. Nothing has really changed at all for me.

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