Wallmart It’s Kinda True Right?

Good morning early today.  It’s about 4:30 in the morning.  😉  Don’t ask.  I’m getting earlier and earlier on the days I wake up and can’t go back to sleep!

No big deal, I just make coffee and hop online.

Yesterday I put in five hours overtime.  Not bad!  My daughter started spring break so she was home and wanted me to take her to a friends for a bit.  After I dropped her off I thought I would head out to Wallmart.  I needed some misc. things and its quite a drive, but I thought what the heck.

I asked my kid if she wanted to go and she looked at me like I was crazy and said.. “Mom, that place is full of such weird people.”  I said… “Don’t be like that, there is one in every city and every state in this country, everyone goes there.”

But you know what, when I got there I immediately started to see people that she may have been talking about.  You know… throw back mullets, pants that show butt cracks, goofy makeup… you know, it’s kind of true.

Oh my gosh, I went online to get images and I cannot even post them here.  Just go Google “wall mart people images”.  I dare you! 😉

I don’t judge… we are all different and unique.

The main reason I went there is my patio cover ripped and looked really bad and I wanted to replace it quickly.  I thought I would find the best deal there, but they didn’t have any for my love seat.  I bought a grill cover instead and made it work.  It was cheap and it states it won’t rip.  How Wallmarty is this?


I know its not perfect, but the last one was way too big and it was horrible around the bottom and YES I saw a huge black widow!!  Maybe now that its not so dark and wet under it they will find another home.  I sprayed.

Does it look terrible\tacky?

I picked up a few things to fill this little guy whom you get to meet every year.  My kid has had this Disney Thumper basket since she was a toddler.


This year I decided to fill it with a bunch of different, non candy stuff.  Okay, one candy!


Golf tees, a glove, some hats, sunscreen oh and this:


And one of these little windbreakers.


Either the white one or the blue one:


I put the white one in the basket but she can take her pick.  They were $9.00 a piece. Really lightweight and Danskin.  A pretty good brand from back in the day.

Her Easter basket is done.

Today we are taking the day off from golf practice and I want to take her and her friend to Ventura.   There are so many thrift shops and cool little stores there.  I haven’t done anything fun with my kid in a while.

I’m thinking about taking an umbrella and beach towel and maybe grabbing a quick bite and heading to the beach for lunch.  We shall see.

Pru gave me the idea!  I really do need to find one or two things a month to do and enjoy and this is a start!  Especially if I can include my kid.  I think museums, art galleries, different little city centers are all on my horizon.  (Prudent is taking her blog private, but here is a link just in case you want to check it out!)

I hope you enjoy your day today and will post if I find anything worthy!



15 thoughts on “Wallmart It’s Kinda True Right?

  1. I shop at Walmart every other week. It’s good for the weeks I need pet food, toiletries, etc. We have a Target, but it is on the other side of town. Our 3 Walmart aren’t too bad in a college town. There are some days I see some interesting fashions:). Have a great weekend, DG.

    • I go when I have a list on misc and when I am close! If I lived closer I would go more often. There is a Wallmart market place with just groceries nit far from here I need to check out. ❤️

  2. I hate Wal-Mart just because it’s a circus in ours. I don’t understand how I can go to our United Market and no one tries to run me over, stop in the middle of the isle to yack on the phone and just general rudeness. But at W-Mart I can get pissed off in a matter of minutes.

    The Jergens glow works nicely, I like to use it couple times a week.

    Tomorrow will be a beautiful Easter service at church then brunch after.

    Happy Easter.

  3. We have a Super Wal-Mart with the grocery store and we don’t care for it (my husband refuses to shop there). The quality of their produce & meat is sketchy (at least at ours) and their prices are no cheaper than Winco where we do shop (although I don’t buy their produce or meat either).

  4. Where do you shop in So Ca? We usually get our produce at Sprouts and our meat at Savemart or Raley’s in No. Ca.

  5. We have a great super walmart where i am. I checked out every grocery store in town when we moved here 8.5 years ago and found Walmart was the place to shop. It caters to everyone, has reasonable prices and is a comfortable store to shop in. It’s only 5 minutes from home so life iis great. Plus next week easter stuffed animals will be on sale for 75 percent off and the dogs will get spoiled.
    I hoe you have a wonderful Easter!!!!!

  6. The Walmart near me is pretty good. I don’t like grocery shopping when any store is crowded, so I tend to go early Saturday mornings and there’s not many there. it’s very clean and has pretty much everything I need. But try going in the afternoon and it’s a zoo and you see the odd ones more often. I don’t like the Walmart at the other end of our town – lots more strange people at that one LOL

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