Happy Easter

I hope the Easter Bunny found you this morning.  I know he found my daughter! 


I really love this little basket and  hope she keeps it for a long, long time. 😉

Yesterday was beautiful in Ventura


I love the old architecture there.  I didn’t take a lot of pics though.


We really just kind of whizzed through the junk stores.


We stopped in a few of the smaller specialty stores.

This is my kind of store:


This is my kids kind of store:


I found a couple of brand new candles, a few tops for work and some soy sauce dipping bowls.  My kid found a cool Tee at Buffalo Exchange which is a consignment store that she really likes.

So we didn’t spend too much.  We ate at an inexpensive Mexican place on Main.

On the way back we spied a bunch of  palm trees, I am drawn to these!


Today I am staying home, kid is golfing with her dad. 

Loving the upcoming weather!


Kiddo is golfing this week with a coach from a different high school that has taken an interest in her and I am glad that it won’t be too hot out. 

The cleaning people are coming back and that is perfect timing too.  I wish I could afford twice a month but that is out of reach!  I do a pretty good job keeping it clean and just knowing that they are coming back doing the hard stuff is a huge relief.

Have a wonderful Easter!  Here are some spring flowers, just for you!


What are your plans today?



10 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. I love those old pots with all the different flowers! Is the one in the front middle lavender? I want to put some small pots at our back french doors on each side. That would look really cute and about the size I’d need.

  2. So glad you liked my idea 🙂 Definitely check out when your town may have an art gallery walk (it is usually in the evening but your daughter could join you in the summer time). Check local museums for when they have their free or reduced day/evening. And your library may offer free passes to museums or have discounted theater tickets. Love the idea of you building these memories with your daughter while having fun and (hopefully) forgetting about the bankruptcy for a bit 🙂
    ~ Pru

  3. Have a relaxing day!!! Kids are all coming over along with a friend so it should be a fun day…..hopefully dh will finish installing the new $100 garbage disposal we had to buy last night before they get here 😦

    I swear this house knows when we have “extra” money!!!

  4. Happy Easter, DebtGirl! We’re having the kids over for dinner, sort of an impromptu family event, so I’m cooking and cleaning today. Even if the kids weren’t coming for dinner I’d still be cooking and cleaning, so it’s nice to have the reward of getting together.

    • Happy EasterJ! Glad the kids are coming by! I wish I had energy today, I just feel exhausted today. Getting laundry done and hope for some energy to show up soon so I can do some cleaning too!

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