Pinterest – Nutri Bullet Smoothie Recipes

Hello!  Not much going on this week!  The ladies are coming to clean today and for that I am eternally grateful.  I could actually kiss them!  Just think, a clean shower, floors and no dust!  Yay!  Once a month is not enough, but it is better than nothing and it’s a stretch for me financially as it is.  Oh but I feel so good about having it done!  Its such a treat!  It has saved me!

Getting blood tests today to see how I am doing on new drug.  I think its working.  Its been 3 days since I have had symptoms and I feel like I am heading into remission.  REMISSION!!!  That is so elusive and this has been the longest flare, since October!  They tend to get worse and longer each time.  Just hope and pray that this new med keeps me there for a long, long time.

Today I thought I would post some recipes for the Nutri Bullet.  If you have one, you will be happy, if you don’t, you can use these same recipes in a blender!

I have one that I bought not too long ago, but I don’t use it near enough!  I thought maybe if I posted some recipes they would be in an easy to find link and I might use it more too!

That’s the plan anyway.

So here we go!  Remember, click on the image to be taken to the original source.


I don’t think I could do three of these a day…  not with my sensitive tummy!  I can do one a day without issue though.  I would pick the top one!

OH my gosh, I love this next site!  This is a great idea!  Just bag it all up and have it in the freezer ready to go.  LOVE!


I find that if I buy veggies and fruit and have it in the freezer, nothing gets wasted!

This next site has some really great recipes as well.


So healthy right!?!

Look at that royal purple color!


Here’s a 30 day smoothie challenge.   That means 30 different smoothies.  Sounds good to me!


What would this post be without the GREEN monsters?


I actually like green smoothies and its really a better way for me to get them greens.

This looks refreshing!


Looks like a fun website too.  They all do today!  Make sure you check them out if you are into smoothies!

I’m working half day so that I can go and get my blood drawn, run some errands, let in the cleaning ladies and take my kid over to the driving range.  Oh… and I have to run to the bank to get a cashiers check for the trustee.  I promise not to cry when I send her a check for over 2000.00 that could have gone to a fund for my kids car.  I promise not to cry.  Promise.

Have a great day!



11 thoughts on “Pinterest – Nutri Bullet Smoothie Recipes

  1. There’s no crying in bk……(stolen from a League of Their Own but you have to have Tom Hanks voice inflection in there 🙂 ) – You are over halfway done with this so there are very few checks you will ever have to send to them again – you are doing great!!!

    You seem to have such a good attitude about everything which, to me, is half the battle!! And after going through bk (we did about 20 years ago) you NEVER, EVER want to get in that situation again – its a life learning experience that SUCKS, but something that will make you the person you want to be!!

  2. OMG, that one smoothie looks like a strawberr daiquiri. I guess it defeats the health benefits if you add rum, ha.

  3. Debt Girl, you never cease to amaze me with the stories and pictures Those drinks look delicious.
    I hope your blood test goes well 🙂 I’m glad you’ve had a couple good days..1 day at a time!!!!!

    • Yes one day at a time!!!!! Fingers crossed the test comes back ok. Seems to be ok! ;/) as long as we have health, its really all that matters! Xoxo

  4. Good luck on the blood test!

    Those smoothies look delicious. I should get better about preparing fruits and veggies for the freezer, because it looks so easy to just pop it all in the blender.

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