Little Things


I am so glad this week is almost over.  It seems like it was hectic because of the fact that I had to leave work yesterday and will have to leave today again for about an hour to drive my  kid to a golf course to play with a coach from a different high school.  This coach is awesome and has taken an interest.  However, it’s a Private School and there is no chance my kid can go there, at 30K a year!  Not happening!  More on that later!

But first, I wanted to share some little things.  I think it’s the little things, the small moments that keep us happy and plugging along.  Without them, what would it be all about!

The other day I picked up my daughters friend to go to Ventura with us and was greeted, like I always am, with great enthusiasm by Luna!  Her puppy is so sweet!  When I go there, she gets to come in the car with me for a minute and the enthusiasm is so cute. 

It just makes you feel special that she cannot contain her joy!  Of course, she does it for ONLY me right?  Winking smile

FullSizeRender (3)

Thank you Luna!

After  the condo was cleaned yesterday I came home and treated myself to this little snack!


Because I was waiting for these to boil:


I was starving!  For some reason, I have had a hankering for red potato salad.  I looked at three different deli’s in the last few weeks and nobody has any already made. 

So I looked it up and decided to make it myself! 


It was Devine!!  I am so making this A LOT!  You will love this dressing!


So cheap and fast, just like me!  Winking smile  Not really.  I am completely not even in that category.  I wish!  Ha!

To add to the little things that make me happy and help me make it thru the day… flowers. 


These small flowers are 4.99 a bunch and they last forever!  I bought some white ones a few weeks ago and I had them for at least a week and half! 

I even bring in a small bunch of them for work to enjoy. 


There are so many ways to make yourself happy or at least give your self a moment to just feel a little special.  It doesn’t have to cost too much.

We all work hard at work, at home and for our kids!  We deserve, no matter what your situation is, to find a Little Thing that helps you feel better. 

Life is short;  this Bankruptcy is long.  I have decided to at least enjoy a few things, even if its just hugs from a puppy, red wine and red potato salad!

What are your little enjoyments?  Books, walks, flowers?



20 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. It’s funny how that we have spent enough time together that I can read your emotions through your posts.

    I smiled reading this because I knew you were happy and feeling good.

  2. Animals are wonderful, aren’t they? I think what makes me happy is just spending time with my kids (with NO cell phones) – just having lunch, talking, or watching a movie. Now that they are 20 & 29 and I only have 1 left at home (I guess you could say he lives at home, although we never see him) – it is those little times we have that make my week!!!!

  3. Love this, DebtGirl! So glad for the little things that make life sweet. I’m definitely trying the potato salad receipe; I have been largely unsuccessful with potato salad my entire life, so wish me luck!

  4. Hi Debt girl,
    My enjoyments are seeing beautiful hydranges and remembering how beautiful my grandmother and her garden were; spending time with my husband and my 2 beautiful golden retrievers; going to the park for a leisurely walk (which we will do tomorrow). having days off (like tomorrow) and being away from the silly office politics which make no sense since we’re all in it together and since it’s not great, why can’t we just band together. And finally, reading your blog….it’s a definite enjoyment as we go through the BK adventure ???? together.

    Your snack looked delicious..must get similar items when i shop this week.

    Have a wonderful Friday!!!!!!

    • Hi Sophieanne,
      Thank you for sharing your Little Things! You are so lucky not to have one but TWO golden retrievers! I eye hydrangeas every time I am at the market, and I promise to buy us some! I am so happy we are sisters in this “adventure”. It sure can be stressful and its nice to know we are not alone! Have a wonderful day off and I hope you enjoy the Little Things! Xoxox
      PS, we are getting there!!

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