Tom Ka Gai – BETTER!

Hello!  Its Friday!  I could not be happier.

The only plan I have this weekend is to take my kid golfing tomorrow and then who knows?  Love that.  I simply love not having a whole list of things to do!

I might bake some oatmeal cookies.   It’s not a must do though.

Speaking of cooking.  Remember my cooking fail day? I tried to make this soup?  It happens to be my most favorite soup in the whole world.  My kid hates it, she calls it Tom Ka EW!  😉

When my daughter has dinner with her dad, I get my soup!


It doesn’t even make it to a bowl.  I just open it up, put it on a plate and dig it.


My method is to take some rice (just a small spoonful HA) and dip it!


Its loaded with goodness.  Gluten Free goodness!  It looks spicy but its not.  I can’t explain the flavor.  Maybe that’s not a good sign! 😉  It’s just good!!

I take it over to the couch, curl up and enjoy.


I won’t be making this at home again!  It’s just was not the same.  This cost me $6.00 and so worth it.

While I eat my soup, Gracie enjoys her time with her boyfriend. I swear that cat will not leave my kids dad’s lap when he is here.  She runs to him, hops up and plants it right there!


Ahhhh!!!!  Trader.  Maybe she doesn’t like Tom Ka Ew either!

Have a wonderful Friday and if you like Thai, try this soup!



7 thoughts on “Tom Ka Gai – BETTER!

  1. It’s nice you and you ex seem to have a good relationship. It makes life easier for your daughter and you.

    My ex had to be in a public place to have the kid exchange.

  2. Cats are so fickle 🙂 We have 4 and the only time any of them want to be near me is when I am sleeping and then I don’t WANT them near me 🙂

  3. I agree with Gail that it is awesome that you get along with your kid’s dad. It will help her navigate life better with so many people who care about her. I plan on having a relaxing weekend. If the lawn ever dries out I’ll mow.

    • I love the smell of fresh cut grass! I cant remember the last time i smelled it! When I was a kid I had a big push mower, like cycles? I loved to push it! 😉

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