GF Cookie – Pancake Mix


For someone who is not into cooking I sure find myself having to do it A LOT!

Let’s be real!  I have to cook.  I’m on a budget and cooking is one way to save money.  I don’t do it all the time, but more than not for sure.  More than I want to!

Today was no exception.

But before I got cookin, I took my kid golfing.  She played 18 and I walked.


It was such a nice day!  She did really well.  I got away with only paying $20.00 for her to play and me to walk.  Can’t beat that.  They gave me the Jr. rate for her even though we got there really early.  Score.

After that… and here is where the cooking comes in, we were both starving!  No eating out allowed today!  So we  went home and I made her a quesadilla and a ham and cheese omelet for me.  Did I tell you, we were starved!


Then I mentioned to her that I had a cookie recipe I wanted to make.  So the cooking didn’t stop there, she talked me into making cookies.

That link is to a different, but similar recipe than I followed but with really good pictures!

FullSizeRender (1)

I really changed this recipe up!  I didn’t have Pamela’s pancake mix, but I do have some GF mix.

Also, I didn’t have nuts or many chocolate chips, but I do have raisons, dates and 1/4 cup chocolate chips so I used ALL THOSE mixed together!  Like I said,  I really changed it up!


The cookies came out so yummy!  Sweet and cakey and my kid loves them!  I will be making these again.

It was nice being able to spend that time with her today.  She is playing 18 with her dad tomorrow, so that will give me some putz around the condo time tomorrow.  I always look forward to the down time.

Who knows what I will be cooking up.  Maybe more red potato salad,  because that is completely gone!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  Whatcha cookin?



2 thoughts on “GF Cookie – Pancake Mix

    • Vesta stuffed chicken thighs sound awesome! Thighs are my fav piece of chicken, so much flavor! You are the cooking queen today!!! Be over in a bit! 🙂

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