Masters Sunday

Hello!  It was a great day yesterday.  I stayed home and watched Jordan Spieth win the Masters!


How’s that for 21 years old?  I was really happy he won, but if Phil would have won, I would have been just as pleased.  I love this guy!  He played so well, he really had a chance.  It was an excellent game.


I watched the Masters and hung around home.  I got lots of “chores” done. A huge job I tackled was the ironing.  Finally, I have some blouses to wear!  (I still do not know how I ever did everything myself this whole time while sick!)


That was pretty much my day.  My daughter played another round of golf with her dad, she beat him pretty badly too!  She did really well on Saturday when I walked with her and she kept up the momentum yesterday.

If you are planning on putting your kid in golf, start saving money now and hope and pray that you have the time it takes.  Golf can eat up your whole day!  You have to love the game like I do!  You can’t just throw money at golf, you have to throw time at it.

Back to the grind today.  I am so busy at work.  I could easily put some OT in this week but Friday my kid is scheduled for her wisdom teeth extraction.  Ouch, just thought.  Not looking forward to that. We have to get that done before her next tourney at the end of the month.  I am looking forward to that too because I think I can volunteer again, I am  feeling that much better.

I should be getting test results this week to see how the med is metabolizing,  so keep fingers crossed.  I am pretty sure all is well, I’m heading into a good REMISSION, lets just hope my blood tests agree!

Happy Monday Peeps!  What are your plans this week?

Me?  Just working and passing the time until discharge. One day, one week, one payment at a time!



2 thoughts on “Masters Sunday

  1. Hey debt girl. Awesome update. Golf is such a fun sport, but I’m not very good at it lol. Hope the lab test comes back okay. 😀 Oh, by the way. I didn’t actually buy a Tesla. That was just an April Fool’s joke lol. I thought I’d do something different for a change Heh.

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