The L o n g e s t Month

April is so long.  I just feel like it is going on!  Is it long for you?  The saving grace is the three paychecks.  Those paychecks will come handy because it just seems like:


Heavy sigh.  Lots of prescription co-pays this month, tags for my car, pay back my brother and lots of other stuff.  It never ends.

I still want new furniture from Ikea!  Trust me I think about that ever day! 


The garage sale is coming closer and that will help!  The time (and finances) are just not right.  Its gonna be one of those things where I am going to just have to bite the bullet and do it!

Yesterday was payday and I thought my pay looked “off”, so I looked at the timesheet and yep, I forgot to add the 5 hours I worked on my last Friday off. Yep, like I can afford that time and money! 

Speaking of time and money, I accidently saw the paystub of another coworker yesterday in my department.  I walked in and he had it open and didn’t close it.  He makes twice as much as I do, twice as much.  That was so depressing, I almost cried.  I didn’t.  I saved face and moved on.  Its not fair, its not fair, life is not fair. Deal with it right?  He works a lot of OT too.  Its just so hard to see that people can actually make a wage where they would never end up in a BK unless they are really bad with money or something happens beyond their control.  I just picture how I would feel to get a paystub like that and its not like I am not worth it.  Ok, over that rant!

Tomorrow is my Friday off and the big day for my kids dental work.  I am so not looking forward to that.  Scarier for me than for her.  The we lay low this weekend, no golf.  She probably won’t feel up to it.

Other than that, its been pretty quiet and boring here.  I have a feeling April posts will be short and sweet most of the time.  I will post, but at times, you are gonna think they are BORING! 

I just want to stay plugged in as I plug along! 

Have a great day today!



11 thoughts on “The L o n g e s t Month

  1. I am saying this not because you don’t deserve the pay, but if you were making that amount right now you would be giving it to the trustee. So for now, try and let it go, but when you have walked through this then go after what you do rightly deserve wage wise.

    Your daughter will be fine you just trust she is in good hands.

    Monday I have to have an endoscopy. I have had trouble swallowing for several years, but the past six months it has gotten so bad I almost pass out trying to get what is stuck either up or down.
    I hate to have things like this done so I put doctor visits off until my life is turned upside down.

    Take care friend.

    • Hi Gail, first I am glad you are going to dr for that! Maybe give you nexium. I need to go to dr too, so many drs! Now I think I need a podiatrist, my feet/ toes cramp when I walk barefoot or where sandles. Tennies ok!

      Next month I should be getting a raise, promotion, but surely not as much as that a**! I dislike him for so many reasons, but $ isnt one of them! Nobody likes him here! Gah!!!

  2. Ughhh, can you put the 5 hours on the next pay period? I hope the ottoman comes with that cute kitty;). Good luck to your daughter (and Gail on Monday). I’m pulling for everyone to be healthy.

    • Yes next check! I want the kitty too! I wish that was the set i was gonna get but my kid thinks its too light! ;-( hey i still might get a spare slip cover!!! Depends on cost and if I have any $$$

  3. DebtGirl,
    Your April sounds like my March…March just went on and on and on. For me April is speeding by.
    I think it was because it was time to pay the taxes and a lot of extra money went into that. I ended up paying double what you got back.
    I had a wisdom tooth out last month (Good Friday actually) went pretty well. Still a little tender but not too bad. I hope your daughter’s dentist visit goes well.
    Can your payroll dept do a correction for you? If not, just think, next pay will be good.
    Don’t look at other paystubs (especialy men’s) will do nothing but depress you. Of course don’t look at mine (I work at a non-profit University)…that will depress you but probably make you feel good about your own check.
    I hope you have a good Friday. Sounds like you could use rest, relaxaton and sunshine!!

  4. April is flying by for me. New job, sick cat, melting snow… it seems fast.

    Good luck with everything. Ignore what other people make – it only depresses you, even if they make less.

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