Emergency Room Visit

I don’t even know where to begin.  Yesterday was a day for the books. I think the longest day has beat the longest month!

It started out nice enough, I had some coffee outside while I waited for my daughter to get her wisdom teeth pulled.


It was such a pretty day too.


Even the waiting room was pleasant enough.


My kid was in and out without a hitch in a half hour.  Got her home and tucked her in with her ice packs and soft foods. All was good.

Then her dad called and said he was on his way to come and see her.

That’s where the drama begins.

She waited and waited and waited.  No dad.  Then my phone rang and it was him.  He was in an accident on the 101 (Ventura freeway)!

We were up and out in two shakes and found ourselves here, on the side of the road.



He ended up landing and sliding on the freeway.  He has a broken color bone and some horrible road rash.

There are pictures so look away!

We drove him to the nearest ER.


I have been here many times.


Her dad got the care he needed; the road rash cleaned up and a sling for the break.  There is really NOTHING else they can do for a broken or fractured collar bone.

It is one of the most painful breaks.

The road rash is not picnic either, its all the way down his right side.

We spent a few hours there, my kid sat there with icepacks on her face the whole time.

It was a mess.

They finally discharged him and I stopped to get everyone (accept my kid) dinner so we could tuck him in with no need of anything.  I helped him change into some comfy clothes and we left him.

I don’t know how he is going to manage. He can drive with one hand but its gonna be really hard to do just about everything for a long time until the break heals. He is going to be miserable for 6 – 8 weeks.

Last week was no picnic and I am glad its over.  I am trying to be in a positive place today.

My kid woke up a little swollen but feeling ok.  We call her dad and he survived the night.

I have a hair cut appt. around 10:00 then my kid is going to her dads to stay and help him out.

I will be home later trying to de-stress and just putz around.  I would really like to clean up my patio but have no idea what to do with it.  I love the ferns but they are so over grown.


Maybe I will take a picture to a garden shop and ask them what to do.

I hope your weekend has started off much better than ours!



12 thoughts on “Emergency Room Visit

  1. Ohhhh, so sorry for your kids dad. I’ve had a little road rash from cycling and just a little is painful. Looking on the bright side at least everything is fixable with time. Hugs to all 3 of you. These are the really gentle hugs, no bear hugs with road rash.

    • Thank you!! He will mend for sure! It’s his second motorcycle accident since I have known him!!! He needs to sell that thing! You would think he would be wearing leather, but they get so complacent! 😦

  2. Ugh awful! Glad everyone is on the mend.
    I have a friend who broke her collar bone on one side then broke the other side the next year (mountain biking).

    Also, did your daughter get all four teeth removed so quickly and smoothly?

    Take care.

    • Hello Kay, yes all four wisdom teeth. I (she) is so glad that is over! She was and is such a trooper. She is with had dad tonight and trying to help him over the hump. Wow! Both collar bones? That is too much! I hope she healed well.

  3. DebtGirl, I am so sorry to hear about the crash but SO GLAD he escaped without worse injuries. Really glad kiddo came through the oral surgery okay. Breathe! Maybe some yoga for you or a long walk? And does Gracie know her boyfriend was injured? (*smile*) Take it easy this weekend and care for yourself.

    • Lol! The first thing my kid did was tell Gracie about her boyfriend! That is one amazing cat, she stayed by my kid when I brought her home. She’s like a dog, kind of strange but we adore her!!!! Have you decided for new pet yet?

  4. He is a very blessed man it wasn’t worse. Was he wearing a helmet?

    You seem to have a good relationship with him to help him out.

    Glad your daughter made it through with no problems.

    Take care

    • Hi Gail, yes thankfully he was wearing a helmet, it’s a law here. We are pretty good friends, at times like these we are family. We have our moments but this is way more important times! Xo

  5. Hi DebtGirl and a big hug for you….
    All things considering I think your weekend is going pretty well. Your daughter had her wisdom teeth out and is on the mend and her father, although he has an injury, went home from the hospital and is well enough to share the story. Considering the accident, and what could’ve happened, I think you’ve had a wonderful day (scary – yes, painful – yes but he’s going to be fine, so life is wonderful). You are a very kind person to look after him but he is the father of your daughter and it sounds like you have a good, amicable relationship, which is great. So, when he gets better you have a heart to heart and tell him to give up the motorcycle…or his injuries next time will be worse and not from the accidentt 🙂
    I’m glad you wrote tonight, i’ve been thinking about you and your daughter all day.Take care my frend and enjoy your Sunday.

    • That is a great perspective and you made me smile! Yes this is it, he has to give it up, its his second crash since i have known him, he has to sell it! Will see if we can talk him into it. Xo

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