April = Patio Month


I didn’t realize it but the link I posted to my patio yesterday was originally posted in April 2013, it looks as if maybe I get Patio Fever in the month of April. 

It’s not because the weather is better in April, heck, that’s the least of our problems here in Southern California.  Water is our main problem. 

Yesterday I put on some gloves and got busy.  Wow, did I go to town. 

My ferns have become just an overgrown mess and I had to do something.  So I butchered them.


That is an older picture, because I didn’t take the time to snap a new one. 

I was a crazy woman with shears on a mission yesterday, but you see how scraggy!

This one really needed help!  This picture was taken yesterday!


Here is how I went about it.  I trimmed all around the sides, then I trimmed down the length and finally, I cut out all the dead fronds.


I know it doesn’t look great but I am hoping it will help them grow back healthier.  :

Here’s kind of a before/after:


It sure makes the patio look cleaner!


Less over grown. 


I actually like it!  I think I might be crazy.


I rearranged a few things while I was out there as well.

I put the little table in the corner.


Moved this plant to the left of the bench.


Rearranged some smaller items. Then I gave everything some badly need nutrients.


Today I want to replant the ficus I bought at a garage sale LAST YEAR.  I’ve been looking for a new pot, but I realize now the flowers that were in this one are not going to bloom this year. 

I think it will be big enough.


Oh… I showed you this pot of succulents before:


Look at them now!


Wow, what a difference a couple of years makes!

I think that is it for my patio this year.  I don’t want to spend any money on it and I don’t want any more plants as I don’t want to water them.  I really don’t have to water too much believe it or not.  Just a gallon here and there.

I kind of have a headache from all the dirt and dust yesterday. I know it was probably a bad idea as far as my health goes, but it had to be done.  I will just deal with it.  I hope I can get to the ficus today.

How about you,  are you planting?



6 thoughts on “April = Patio Month

  1. My neighbor gave me some iris bulbs that I planted. Hope they grow. Iris always remind me of my grandma. Hope you get some relaxing time on that cute patio.

    • I love iris! I guess i wasnt done yesterday, I came up with more ideas that makes it really easy to spend more time outsiide! I will show you tomorrow! 😉

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