Operation Patio Day Two

I had no idea yesterday would turn into another day of Patio work.  I just went out to repot the ficus.

It turned out to be a perfect fit for pot I had.


Then I took the little ducks I had and changed out their ribbons from blue to brown.  Why do I love these little ducks so much?  They are so grandma but I love them!  😉


Then I decided it was time to clean and kill all the black widow spiders under the bench or I would never use it.


Pretty scary but now they are history!


It got a a little warm and then I thought, wow, I would love an umbrella…Hmmm…  Then I thought about the beach umbrella I have in the garage,  but I don’t have a stand.  Then I had an idea!


My little table has a hole in it just for an umbrella and it fits!


I moved the little table into the corner and now I have a table to read, eat, do my nails, (all of which I did today) out on the patio!  With shade whenever I want!


I really enjoyed my patio space for the first time in a long time!


Even Gracie got in the action.


She enjoys the Humming birds!  “Dahling, must you always point that thing at me!”


I just love the new space!


Didn’t cost me one red cent!


Even that topiary got a trim!


Now I plan to spend more time outside listening to the birds and getting fresh air.


My kid is excited too, I kept  sending her selfies like this and she can’t wait to spend time here with her friends.


My new space rocks and the best part is it was FREE!

Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed your out door space too!

What are you up too?  BK News tomorrow!  Potentially good, fingers crossed!



9 thoughts on “Operation Patio Day Two

  1. I love outdoor spaces and yours looks very inviting. Can’t wait until I’m 80 so I can buy lots of lawn ornaments:)

  2. It looks inviting. Last night I couldn’t sleep and on QVC they had all these different types of solar yard ornaments. I bet s solar fountain would be perfect where you live with all the sun.

  3. Birdbaths don’t need to be elaborate. I have 3 real bird baths, but one of the most popular ones with my birds is actually a water tray for a planter. I put rocks in it so it isn’t too deep and I change the water often. I started using it one time when I was debating between 2 bird baths at a store. When I bought the bird bath I kept the tray since some birds liked it. This is way too much bird bath talk, but I just love watching the birds. While my flowers may be hit and miss, my birds are always reliable.

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