Original Sunflower Art

Remember way back in October when I took my daughter to the pumpkin patch and I took this picture of these beautiful sunflowers?


I told her then it would be so great if she could paint it for me.  She agreed.

By the way, that was the last time  that I will get her to the pumpkin patch, at least without a friend!  You know how teens are right?

Well… she might not be painting that particular picture of sunflowers but she found another one that inspired her online and she is painting it for me now.

She just started!


I have not seen the “inspiration piece” but I’m so happy and excited.   Isn’t it pretty?

She keeps telling me… “MOM, its gonna take time, calm down!”

I can’t calm down.  I have the perfect blank spot for it in the living room!  And… she is doing art!

It will be my treasure forever!


Like she said, it will take a while to finish and I have no idea what the original looks like, all I know is that my kid is painting and it is so great to see her in the zone!

I think the art is in the making of the art!

You know I am completely aware how fleeting this moment is with her, she will be out and doing her own thing before I can say Sunflower!

I’m trying to stay connected with her.  I found a yoga class that she wants to try and it’s pretty cheap at a community center.  We are going to give that a try, something to do together before she completely blows me off and heads off into her own life.

I can’t wait to show you the painting when when its done, hopefully by Mothers Day that would be perfect.

BTW, nothing in the mail box from Chase yesterday!  😉


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