So Sweet

Last week, after my daughter had her wisdom teeth AND her dads motorcycle accident she was feeling pretty low.

You can imagine her joy when she found these on the patio!


Seriously, it was the sweetest thing ever.


And a card.




What a thoughtful young man!

And so it begins… My daughter growing up so fast.  Flowers!  Wow.  16 years old next month.  I am beyond.

Speaking of beyond… I am beyond my budget this month, so many bills it seems.   Extras too, necessary and unnecessary.  It has caught up with me as it sometimes does and so we are feeling the pinch. 

Golf tourney this weekend, and that is paid for so at least I don’t have to worry about that.  To stretch things I will probably try to be creative in the kitchen with ingredients I have on hand.  Simple and basic.

Ah… how fun it is to live so close to the wire!  😉


8 thoughts on “So Sweet

  1. Awww, that is sweet. So far I like this young man. I hope he is a gentleman, worthy of baby girls friendship. Okay, 15 isn’t baby girl;)

  2. Oh, wonderful! That’s so thoughtful!

    Also… awww. 🙂 (I was thirty – thirty! – before I got flowers from a man. Allow me to live vicariously.)

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