Beauty Basics


I, for one am into drugstore products.  Yep!  Proudly.  I used to be into department store beauty products and look where it got me!

In Chapter 13!

Today I want to show you a couple of products that I use and can say that I’m so glad I found.

Let me start with this:


I love this because number one, it costs less than ten bucks and lasts me months.

It has sunscreen and is non-greasy.  I read some really good reviews online a year or so ago and I haven’t bought anything different since.  It has to say COMPLETE when you buy it though.




You know, a long time ago, in a land far far away, I used to be hooked on Este Lauder lipsticks as well as Lancôme.  As a matter of fact, all my makeup and skin care came from the department store.  Wow!

The lipsticks weren’t even long lasting!  How much time did I spend reapplying?  Too much money  and a waste of time.

I wised up  and now I use this:


It last for hours!  I love it.

I actually just found the wand kind recently, because I always use this kind:


The last time I hit up the drugstore I could not find that.

I think they replaced the packaging with this which I actually like better, just one applicator!  Perfect.


Like, I really don’t care how you package it, as long as the color is right, it lasts for hours and the price is right!  That’s all I care about these days.

Remember way back, I showed you this SUPER CHEAP FACE CLEANSER?  Yep, still using it.  My kid uses it too and as much makeup as she wears, like a tube of mascara a month, I would be spending way too much on cleanser if I didn’t buy the 99cent store crap!  But it works fine!  Really, it is just as good as Ponds.  I am laughing that I said as good as Ponds.  Like Ponds is the best nowadays to me!  Haha!!!

Can I just say that I’m glad that my kid doesn’t have to go to the department store for her makeup…Yet!

Oh I’m sure she will eventually but by that time, she can pay for it herself.

I am never going back to the department store again for makeup.  Like ever, many more things in life are way more important to me these days.

As a matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time I stepped foot in a department store, or bought anything new.

Oh wait, the last time I bought something new for me in a “real store” and not a “thrift store”, was when we went to Oregon.  Remember this?  So now even Old Navy is fancy.  Times

Times sure do change when you are in a Chapter 13!

So there you have it, two of my favorite drugstore products.    Try them!  I think you will agree, they are a smart choice.

Speaking of smart I haven’t spend a cent this week!  Being such a smart girl!


6 thoughts on “Beauty Basics

  1. “As good as Ponds”! What do you mean? I wish, oh how I wish we could get Ponds over here in France. I love it. I guess like most women we try out loads of different stuff, although to be honest I never got into the expensive stuff (cos I’m too cheap) but I still keep coming back to the “Ponds” equivalent of wherever I live. I have tried making my own even but sometimes that homemade beauty stuff just pongs, so today I went back to my usual cleanser made from Argon oil (only found in Morocco apparently) and cucumber-based toner. And it is great and cheap. So why change. Top that with nivea cream for the winter and Olay for the summer and I am set – but oh how I miss Ponds. You know, so many times I have read that much of the expensive stuff is just the cheap stuff re-packaged. And I am inclined to believe it. Oh, and love your blog by the way. Keep up the good work. Anna

    • Hi there Anna, thanks for stopping by! Omg France! I adore France though I have never been. I envy you. I am reading a book called Guilty Wives, rich American housewives stuck in a French prison for murdering the French pres. Good read! Hey if I could I would send you a case of Ponds!!!!!! Xoxo

  2. I wish I could say I have given up makeup but I love a Chanel foundation. I am not one who goes through makeup fast so a bottle lasts.

    I must have my Tova there is nothing that smells the same. My daughter says when she thinks of me she remembers how I smell. That is priceless to me.

  3. The point if department store make-up is that all of it is good and someone teaches you what works best for you. Drugstore make-up requires more trial and error.

    I hate Sephora – the weird layout, the music, the lights, the pushy sales people. And it’s stupidly expensive.

    The Body Shop is my go-to place: it’s work appropriate, cheaper than the department stores, and it’s one-step make-up (not primer and moisturizer and whatever else “has” to go on). It is a bit more expensive than the drugstore stuff, but not by much.

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