The Jinx

Have you seen this? 


If you haven’t you can watch it on HBONow for free for a month.  I loaded the App on my iPad and yesterday which was not a productive day anyway, so I ended up binge watching this series. 

There are other great things on HBONow that I plan to watch within the next month.   I plan to cancel it before the month is up! 

FREE Entertainment!

This show is crazy, it sucked me in.   Durst is completely insane.  You will not believe what this guy got away with.  Literally, murder. 

But what got me was the way the writer / director did the interviews.  Really clever.

The Jinx New York Premire TRTGMxRtLhel

Andrew Jareki also wrote and directed this film that portrayed part of Durst life.  I have not seen it yet, but it’s on Netflix.  He’s accused of murdering his first wife, whom has never been found.  So sad. 


I plan to watch it soon.

Here is the director and Durst in NYC.


This guy gives me the creeps. 


You will not believe this story.  Don’t let the opening scene in Galveston throw you off, it’s a very gross opener.   Its never that gory again, but it is very disturbing. 

What a way to spend a Sunday.

Hope you are off to a good week!  Don’t forget to go get HBONow for free!



2 thoughts on “The Jinx

  1. OMG, Kevin is always talking about Jinx. I definitely knew who Durst is because I’m a news junkie and Dateline and 48 Hours, etc. I’m going to watch them this summer.

    • I usually don’t like crime stories, but this story is fascinating! Incredible. It’s a combo of this guys arrogance, resources, bio that makes it so interesting to me. It was good and it’s not over yet!

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