Is it considered playing hooky when you stay home because you are literally exhausted?  I feel like I am playing hooky.

This has been an odd week.  I had a  HOA board meeting on Monday night that ran late and last night I met with a group and it ran until about 9:30.  Way past my bedtime. 😉  I knew that I was going to be tired today because of course, I got insomnia.  This morning, my kid kept having to wake me up and I kept falling back to sleep. 


Thankfully, my kid got a ride to school and I slept in another hour.  I’m still yawning.  I know I will crash again later.  Sooner than later.

I’m going to make the best of it, after I get up… much later because I am going back to sleep after I post this actually, I am going to go and pick up some probiotics samples from the doctors office who was at the meeting last night! 

My probiotic cost $80.00 a box and the guest doctor said I could come by and get a box.  That in itself was worth sitting thru that meeting.

Anyway. boring post, but I really do have to go catch up on some sleep!

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Exhausted…

  1. I may need a catch up day on Monday. I have my regular job and I’m playing for the musical, Gypsy. Rehearsals on Wednesday night, Thursday night, and performances on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will miss my hermit weekend. Hope you are feeling nice and rested after today.

    • I needed that day! Next week i will be in training so i could not take off then if I get too run down.
      Def take it off for your sanity whwn we need it! 🙂

  2. I am so glad it’s not just me! I mean “exhausted” isn’t the word half the time and I am SOOOO tired of being so tired. I had blood tests done for other reasons and I am severely anaemic so have prescribed iron which initially really helped but it doesn’t seem to be that great any more. Plus mega doses of calcium and vitamin D. People always say you only need to go outside to get vitamin D but for Pete’s sake I walk about 30 minutes each day anyway and work in my veggie plot so how much more can you do. It’s kinda sad though don’t you think to be so tired all the time. If you think of a solution let me know! Anna

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