May Day

When I was a little girl I actually did this!  I actually put flowers on our neighbor ladies porch.  Actually, to all the little old ladies that gave me candy or whom I considered my friends.  I loved older people and I always visited them. 

I still love them!

My flowers didn’t look like this, I am sure I picked dandelions and daffodils! 

It just doesn’t happen anymore!




Gotta run!  Have a wonderful May Day!

Thank God April is OVER!!!



4 thoughts on “May Day

  1. We would collect yard flowers (weeds) and deliver them.

    We also had a May pole where bright streamers would be attached to the top and we would get a streamer and go around the pole until it was wrapped.

  2. Gail that is so cute! Weeds!! I am sure that is what I gave too but we did have some dafodills along the side of the house that i am sure i picked.

    Happy May Day!

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