Brick Wall

Hello, happy weekend!

Not a lot going on here. Just plugging along.

Since I reached the halfway mark it seems I have hit a brick wall!


I swear time is crawling!  Sometimes I swear it is at a stand still!

But I keep plugging along, one foot after the other  and hope for a successful outcome.

Every day brings it its own set of drama and worry.  We all have it!

Today’s drama so far is this damn laptop!! GAH!!!  You have no idea how hard it  type on it! Today’s worry is that the cleaning lady won’t come as promised and the phone number she gave me is wrong.  So far I can handle both!

This Chapter 13 stuff sucks… but if I keep my eye on the prize, it will definitely be worth it!  It’s just getting to the end alive that is the hard part!


I updated the Reading Room today.  I started my May reading as well.  Thank god for books and my iPad, where would I be?

How are you doing. Anything new and exciting?



3 thoughts on “Brick Wall

  1. Update: yep they stood me up, didnt even call! She asked me to do the job on the side, then she does’t even show up! I will reschedule with molly maids next week! Gah!!!!!

    • Not cool! I can’t believe she did that after you agreed to let her work on the side. Hopefully the next one works out better!

      Nothing new and exciting here. Almost done with this bun in the oven, then life should get real busy and exciting lol.

      • Wow almost done! You have had so much to deal with for so long! Can’t wait for baby and for hubby to feel better and better! Hope the MILs get a long! Also hope they are helping!! Xoxo

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