Enjoying The Patio

Today I decided to take it out to the patio for coffee and blogging which is a very enjoyable experience in spite of this awful laptop.  (The problem is the mouse jumps around and the typing is all over the place.)  Very hard to work with.


Loving it!


Gracie got in on the action too.


We moved the Buddha again, hopefully this will be the right spot!


The ferns are getting new growth, so I didn’t kill them.  Yay!

Yesterday, the Maids did not come.  I was so disappointed.  They asked me and I caved to let them do my home on the side.  They offered to do it cheaper, but with that comes the chance that they could rip you off, not be bonded thru Molly maids AND they could flake! 

I’m glad I did not cancel Molly Maids, I just postponed it, just to see how it went.  I will call and let them come week after next as I can‘t do it next week.  So much for trying to save a buck there!

Now.. Golf!  So happy!  I wanted to share this with you!


That is the first five holes of my daughters practice round yesterday.  2 birdies and 3 pars! (Those checkmarks are my way of keeping track, its not normally done like that.)

I rented a cart and took it easy so I decided to keep track.


She kicked these boys butts!


Now you can see why I was so upset the other day at her score of 100!  Of course, I will try not to lose it like that again! 

You should have seen her focus, her precision, her determination yesterday.  I was so proud and so was she!  She is off to play 18 with her dad today.  He is not playing because of his broken collar bone, but she is getting in her practice.

I am not sure what I am doing today.  I will probably hang out at home and get some things done that should have been done yesterday by the maids. GAH!

On another note, yesterday, after golf practice, I took my kid over to a friends house to watch the fight and I stopped at CVS on the way back.  I bought some more face product.  Anti-aging stuff.  I guess because I have a birthday coming up soon, I feel like my skin my need a little extra attention. 

Will it help?  Probably not,  but its worth a shot.  Let’s just say I used the maid money!

I am definitely not getting any younger and I really think  chronic illness and stress show up on the face!

What are you up to today? 



7 thoughts on “Enjoying The Patio

  1. Glad the daughter is back in her game, makes forking out the money easier.

    I wouldn’t let the maids clean outside of the company. Everything reason you gave is the right reason to not do this. You know as well as I do, if it weren’t for bad luck neither of us would have any. And it would be our luck something will go wrong with this arrangement.

    I am not a cacti person, but the water situation is such if I want anything in my flower pots it’s going to have to be cactus. Went to Lowes and picked up some different varieties to try.

    Went to church and lunch just chilling the rest of the day.

    • I called and Molly Maids is coming back next week. They are sending the same cleaners. I can’t wait to ask them WTH? Anyway it gives me an excuse to stay here and make sure they do very good job!

  2. Just want to say I love your posts. Oh and don’t worry about the anti aging buys..I know how you feel and as I age I try to buy good stuff too because well it is important (and if it smells good all the better).

    • Hi Kiki! Thanks for stopping by. I bought some Age Perfect stuff and my skin feels less dry. I use the Oil of Olay on the weekends now, when I am out and about and not stuck in dry office. I do like the smell and feel! It’s not easy getting older that’s for sure!!!

  3. My advice is to not save a few dollars by allowing them to clean on the side. It might even be against whatever arrangement you have with the company, and certainly is with theirs.

    I’m overworked. My cat is finally getting better… Finally.

    • Omgosh your kitty sick this long!!??! So glad he better!

      Oh yes they really blew it and now i going to be pretty demanding and watch them!

      🙂 happy mommas day fur baby momma!!!!

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