Class All Week

Hi Peeps!

Hope you are all well this!  I miss ya!

You won’t hear from me much this week though, until Friday!

IMG_0537 (3)

I am in class (online) and so busy –  its crazy!

IMG_0539 (3)

Great subject!

IMG_0543 (3)


IMG_0545 (3)

I am excited cause we use HyperV and I always wanted to see this.

IMG_0546 (3)

I will be MIA for a bit, but I am thinking of you!

Back to the lab!



4 thoughts on “Class All Week

  1. Hi DebtGirl…my birthday is today and I know yours is very close. Have a Happy Birthday Weekend.


  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! Taurus / BK Sister!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! If today is Thursday then mine is tomorrow! It feels like a big one as far as age goes. Just saying the number!! It’s like really????

    Hope your day is special!!!! Xoxo

  3. Glad that class is for you and you are excited about it! Looks like a foreign language to me!! LOL! Happy birthday!

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