Hi… I know this might not seem strange to you but it just hit me as so weird!

Look at this bouquet my daughter brought me yesterday for Mothers Day.


Pretty!  See anything weird?  Look again!

Isn’t it strange to you that just the other day I posted about chicken wire and here is a vase for me surrounded by chicken wire?

I mean, what are the odds?   How common is chicken wire in the city?  Just weird!

My mother in hospice.  We said our goodbyes over the phone.  I am doing surprisingly well.  So far.  Really don’t want to say much about it.

Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement.



One thought on “Coincidence

  1. I know how tough this is for you. I know; we lost dad in July and mom in August and we weren’t there. Wasn’t even able to go to dad’s funeral, did make to moms.

    There are no words that can ease the pain. You just have to walk through this.

    I think I hurt so much for you because I truly have lived what you are going through, all these different situations I have walked. But I am here, breathing, and still days when it’s one step at a time, but there is hope and life on the other side.

    You’re going to make it, the fires hot, the road is rocky, the view is foggy, but the day will come and this shall be your past.

    Cling to those who love you. Ask for help and take it.

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