Hello and Vent

I want to pop by and say hello!  I have missed you!

I learned one thing by taking off a month from blogging and that is that time seems to tick by much more quickly.  For the sake of my mental stability, I think I will continue to blog sporadically for a bit.

My mother passed away on May 28th and it was (and still is) the hardest thing for me to live with.  I really cannot talk about it.  I lost my mother, my best friend in the whole world. 

I was passed over shit on at work for the promotion.  This sums it up fairly well:




What a obtuse moron.  I can’t wait for him to retire. Tired of covering his ass, he sure didn’t look out for mine!  I am not the only one who can’t wait for that day!   He can go home and play WoW on  his own time!

This whole time he was working me.  Karma!  I hope his daughters end up in the same boat as I am with a dead beat boss.  They will.

But what I really I hope is he gets herpes on his lips and shingles on his penis!  LOL!!!   Blisters for days!  Lets all collectively wish for that! 

Whew, I feel much better now!

In other news, my health is doing really well.  I bought a new laptop, my daughter graduated from sophomore year, she is heading into the 70s with her golf score and I have taken back up golf and doing some writing as well. 

I am keeping on by keeping on. My mother told me a long time ago:

“Never expect too much and you will never be disappointed.” 

–  I should have listened to mom!



18 thoughts on “Hello and Vent

  1. I was wondering about your mom. So sorry to hear of your loss. Work sounds like a drag, but other things sound good. Great to hear from you.

    • Thank you Kim, she passed away as gently as we all can hope to go.

      Work is really bad right now, I just have to keep my nose to the grind stone, at least I like what I do, and this too shall pass right?
      Its strange how fast time has been going. Lets hope it continues! Xoxo

  2. DG, so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself. Forget about the crappy boss. please know you have been missed!

    • Thank you Stephanie! He is so crappy after working with him for 15 years you would think he might have said something to me, but actually he literally has not said a word to my face. Just email and he has acted like nothing personal or professional has changed for me. What a jerk.

      Ok but i have to forget about him! 🙂

      Thank you!! Xoxo

  3. DebtGirl – So glad to see you post again! I’ve missed reading your blog, but had a feeling the break had to do with your mother. I’m so sorry for your loss! Losing a parent is definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with, I’m still coping with the unexpected loss of my dad in March. Hard to get back into the swing of things with blogging, I completely understand the break. It can be great for mental clarity. I also hate to hear about your job letdown. 😦 I’ve always hated how the hardworking people are often overlooked, yet the most useless beings seem to get the promotions. Happens all the time at my husband’s work too! Karma!! Have you considered job hunting or just going to ride it out until retirement? I wish you the best!!

    • Hi AJ, March was just yesterday so I know you are still raw from your loss too, I am sorry. So we are both in the same headspace. Xoxo

      Yes just working for retirement now and it will be farther off than I thought because I didnt get promo so will need to do more time.

      Its cool as long as my health holds out and it will at least ensure my kid has medical thru college as well.

      Hope your husband is doing well, u must be ready to pop too!!

      Sometimes it all works out, hopefully!


  4. I am sorry about the passing of your mom. It’s very hard to lose a parent you love so much. I love the pox on your boss. I don’t know if you’ve read my latest posts, but I was essentially fired from my library job, over missing money which I ,of course, had nothing to do with. But now they’ve changed their tune and it’s something else which I don’t know yet. Of, course I was just an extra help employee making 10 an hour. But I loved it. So I’m grieving, sad, depressed and well, a little lost with it all. I’m sad the library would treat me this way after 8 years.
    Best to you, and so glad you posted an update.

    • Hi there! I am sorry anout the job loss. It must be really hard to deal with. I would figure it out, like you, because we can do this!

      Thank you Tahoe Girl!!! It has to get better for both of us!


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