Cheap Furniture Upgrades

Hello again.

Remember way back when when I wanted to buy a couch and I looked at Big Lots and didn’t like it and then I decided that I would buy from Ikea?

I mean, look!  I really did need to upgrade!


Well, I didn’t buy from Ikea.

A really funny thing happened on Friday night.  I dropped my daughter off for a party and on the way home I decided to stop at the Salvation Army.  Yes, you guessed right.  I bought a sofa from the SALVATION ARMY.

I have never bought a used sofa and it completely freaked me out.  It took me awhile to think about it but I finally caved.



But wait, there’s more!  My kid has a twin bed and that makes it hard for her to have sleep overs, so on Saturday when we picked up the sofa, I bought her a bed too.  NO.. the mattresses are not used!  LOL

So we loaded it all up and I followed for safe measure.


That couch is the exact same color as my old one!  I actually kept some pillows off the old couch to use before I tossed it in the dumpster.  Yes, it was that awful!


So we got it home and the neighbors helped us haul it around.  I love my neighbors!  My daughters dad is still recouping from his bike accident.

The living room looks so much bigger.





My kid could not be happier and I am happy knowing that we got both items for less than I would have paid for a couch anywhere!  This is a couch I would never have been able to afford, its pretty nice!  Practically new!


We cleaned both items as best we could and Lysol’d everything.  I am going to have the couch Chem Dried as well.

This morning while I was making coffee one of my cats decided to try to use the couch as a scratching post.  I ran her off of course but I felt so relieved that it was not a brand new couch!  I would have been in tears.

So for the couch… $138.00!

The bed was a little more because it was the whole thing, $260.00!!  I think that was kind of high but it is a good, solid bed and the last one I have to buy through college!

These were both unexpected purchases but could not be passed up so today I put my bike and her twin bed on Craig’s list to help with the cost.


The bike with come with all kinds of goodies, pump, helmet, garage rack.


So as you can see, I am still juggling!  Still trying to make our home nice without going out of budget.

I know some people think thrift store shopping is disgusting, but unless you are in my shooze, no judgy!

Winking smile



12 thoughts on “Cheap Furniture Upgrades

  1. I love thrift stores! You got an awesome deal, and selling the old bed will help make up for the new bed purchase too. I bought my guest bedroom (now mil bdrm) and sons bedroom mattresses at a thrift store, and they were brand new. Twin mattress and box spring was $60 total, try getting that anywhere else! The full for guest room was $89 total. Try getting those prices at a mattress store, ha! Our area never has much for furniture though. We do have an awesome hotel furniture liquidation store nearby that I love to check out from time to time.

    • I feel so smart and lucky to find two pieces we really like! 400.00 for sofa and full bed!!! Almost a bogo!

      Now we are set for furniture.

      In October it will be three years in (whos counting?) then just two more years to discharge!

      Getting there by making choices like this, I am learning.


  2. I love (good) thrift stores! I’ve gotten some gorgeous clothes at consignment shops. I view it as using things until they are used up.

  3. Love it! What a bargain! I am busy buying furniture for my daughter’s 2nd year of college. She is moving into a house with 3 other girls. Guess where I am getting it from? Thrift stores!

    • Cindy Lou you are one smart cookie. My daughter has had friends over now almost everyday. Yes its summer and we have 2 pools that might have something to do with it, but she is having so much more fun hanging out with so much space in her room to hang!

      If your kid in college your are doubly smart!!!! Xo

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