What’s Your Plans?

July is here! With that comes heat! Lots of it! Time do dawn on the summer whites and sandals!

Can I use any more exclamation marks?



I broke down and bought some cheapie white pants. Actually loving them with my $5.00 Old Navy sandals from last year.

This weekend looks like it will be busy, golfing, getting together with neighbors and fireworks.

Everything is right around the corner so should be a very fun, low key 4th.

Whatever you are doing, stay safe.



4 thoughts on “What’s Your Plans?

  1. Hi Debtgirl. I hope you’re having a good day!!!
    It is in the 90’s in WA state today so very hot. Not my favorite day of the year to be honest…i have 2 golden retrievers who are frighttened of the fireworks. Me too actually when we haven’t had rain in at least a month, the ground is superdry and people are dumb enough to light up fiireworks rather than go to controlled shows. Little rant there, sorry!!! I hope you’re doing well. It’s nice to see your notes again.

  2. Cute shoes!

    I slept, a lot. Then there was picnicing, snuggling the cat, ice cream, snuggling the cat, driving range, napping, fireworks, cat snuggling over the course if four days. I was completely fried and really needed some down time.

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