7 & 7

Isn’t that a cocktail? Boy give me a double! (Its the date today, couldn’t think of a better header!)


Good news, I sold the bed! That helps.


But I am still playing catch up from buying a laptop, couch, bed and an unexpected bill from the wisdom teeth surgery.

Coming down the pike I have college tour costs, golf tourneys, car maintenance, etc.

I think I can handle it all!!! Just as long as there are no surprises!

Hope you had a nice 4th!


See you soon! I will catch up
as I can!



8 thoughts on “7 & 7

  1. I used to think Seagram’s 7&7 was awesome. Now I think it’s awful. Funny how tastes change – not to turn your blog into a drinking blog. Good to hear what’s up with you.

    • Hi Cindy!!
      Gas, food and one night lodging. Maybe 150.00 x 2. 300.00ish. We are looking at northern california and also san diego.

      Not much but its a cost!

  2. Yes I just did the college tours with my son…worthwhile though. He leaves for college this fall and is looking forward too it. We are too…and hope he likes it (college is not cheap!)

  3. I regret not saving more earlier for him but it happens. He has a small grant but will still need government loans, I’m hoping too he will find a summer job or maybe do coop in his second year, we are just trying to take it one year at a time but yes he’s doing engineering which is really expensive.

    • I havent been able to save a dime! Obviosly we are hopeing for golf scholarship to help but not counting on it. I am going to contact the coaches of the two colleges and hope we can meet them!

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