Credit Score Update

Hi there! Just checked my credit score and it keeps climbing.

Its not like I plan to use it any time soon but its nice to see it back in the 700s.


When the BK is discharged it will go way up! My debt to income will be the best its ever been and I will actually have a positive net worth if the real estate market stays strong.

I just like to keep my eye on the prize! In October I will be three years in!

I gotta tell ya, its really a long process and not for the faint at heart. I will earn every bit of it!

Can you tell I have been using my phone to post? Its easier for me these days!

How’s your credit score and debt load? Are ya keeping it under control? Take my word for it! Don’t let it get away from you!



3 thoughts on “Credit Score Update

    • Hi One!! I came by your site today and tried to leave a comment but I wasnt logged into wordpress and didnt have time. I just wanted to tell u hoq lovely your yard is!!!

      I use Free Credit Sesame. Its not perfect but it is free! ;/)

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