Really? We value you and to show you how much you can eat a provided lunch near the sewage and as a token of our appreciation here’s a bucket from the dollar store!


Such a generous employee appreciation lunch and gift!

Oh my god, the company has reached a new low!

7 more years!



8 thoughts on “Value?

  1. That would be cute if it were a thank-you to volunteers at the PTA. But work? Pathetic.

    If it makes you feel better, my dad once got an employee appreciation paperweight – that they charged him $25 for after he got it.

  2. Bridget, your dad had to pay $25 for a paperweight??? That is ridiculous. I would have returned it. That reminds me of the first school where I taught. My teacher friend got coaxed into being the student council sponsor. She said her first task was getting the kids to realize you couldn’t ask the Homecoming Queen to purchase her own tiara, ha.

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