Q-Tips Find

Good morning! Let me start out by acknowledging that “Q-Tips” are probably not the most interesting blog post to read, but hey, its a great “tip”!

I have tried inexpensive Q-Tips and usually find them weak and flimsy. I swore off trying to find a replacement for the name brand.

Things change! A couple months ago I was stretching my dollar at the 99 Cent store when I decided to try these:


I wasn’t too excited, but I was pleasantly surprised! They work great!


So take my word for it’ instead of buying brand name for 5.00, try these.

The only draw back is you have to straighten them out as they don’t come all lined up prettily.

So another stretchy post. These are the small things but it all adds up!

And finally we hot rain!


We could use more rain but I can do without the weird humidity!

Have a great day!


Pst…try these!


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