Another Great Find

I am on a roll! I found another surprising money saver! This one is gonna save me BIG!


A little backstory. I used to cut hair in my other life so I am particular. However, being broke makes you less so. But really, its not all about the cost, its about convenience.

This place is right down the street and I just walked in last night after work.

My hair has cost me a fortune to upkeep and I have not been happy with the results, so I thought what the heck!


The cost of my haircut was under 20.00 and I could not be happier! I will have her do my highlights when I get that done too! Cheap!!!!

They also have hair products that smell really good to buy at a steal.


I am so happy that I decided to take the chance on Fantastic Sams! I wish I had done it years ago!


Have you tried the Supercuts or Fantastic Sams or are you like I was a little nervous?

Well if you are, hurry up and get over it!





9 thoughts on “Another Great Find

  1. I’m thinking of going to Great Clips today just because I want a walk-in place. Really I just want 2 inches off and long layers. I figure they teach that in week 1. What could go wrong?

  2. I have tried those places for cuts with acceptable results (I’m not too picky). My mom cut my hair for years and then I started going to her lady, because she only charges $12 and is cheaper than those places. I think she might be retiring soon, so I will probably have to start using a place like that again. DH and DS used to go to Great Clips, like once a month, but now I just cut DH’s hair with a nice set of clippers I bought at Walmart for like $30. Saves a ton of money!

    • I cut my kids hair, its easy but I think i will take her her at some point. I think back to all the money I have spent!!!! Gah!!!!!

      I am so happy I found them because I feel so smart!!!! ;/)

      Kim, let us know how you make out!!!

  3. Congrats on finding cheaper haircuts! I go to Walmart they have a small salon up here and I am on their email list so I get a coupon every few months, that makes it even cheaper. I also have long hair so it’s easy to wait a while, and I find it easier to style by myself.

    • Thats great! Coupons even better! As I said I did hair for a bit and really there are only a few haircuts with variations. A person has to be really bad to mess it up. If your stylist can carry on a decent conversation chances are good!

      I was just so scared to go anywhere new really! 😉

  4. I was completely happy. I didn’t have to wait at all. The only negative was I left the coupon for the $8.99 coupon on my kitchen counter, oops. Doesn’t matter, the price was $14 and she did great.

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