My Feet Hurt!

But not for long because I bought these cheapie arch supports!


I know this has been a week of weird personal posts! Qtips, haircuts and now arch supports!

But hey lets be real, its hard to take care of yourself when you are broke but even harder if you are older and broke! 🙂

At least I have been getting a senior discount at the movies and that helps! I know I am not old enough but I ask for it anyway and they give it to me without blinking! Wait… Huh?

Anyway, these have been something on my list but the ones I have seen are really expensive!

These are only 7.00!  I bought 2 pair, one for these:


And one for my hiking boots at work. I have been walking and hiking for miles and this is such a good idea.

Ok I can’t promise my posts will get exciting any time soon, unless I win the lottery!

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “My Feet Hurt!

  1. There are a lot of people who find such tips and stories informational and inspiring. How I wish blogs were a thing when I was struggling to get through credit card debt repayment. Hopefully you’ll update once you’ve had some walking time with the new insoles.

    • Thank you Janelle! I hope that if there are others out there in my predicament that the work I do to get by can save them some time and stress for sure. I just don’t want to come off as cheap skate, just smart! ;/). Lots of working getting thru this BK for sure!!! It’s a real challenge! But I am doing it one paycheck at a time! One day at a time, one payment…, 🙂

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