Flowers Galore

Hi all! I hope you are having a great weekend! My daughter got some golf in yesterday and will be golfing again this afternoon when she finishes babysitting.


She is firmly in the 80s and after only two years of serious golf, that’s great!

My house is full of flowers! I bought some Gladiolas for 2.99 last week, such a deal:


Then I picked some roses again!


I love these!



Then my daughter got a bunch from the boy next door! I know!


So we are set for flowers!

I am staying in and cleaning out my closet. Its hot and I am tired and stressed and it will make me feel better.

I have been researching the cost of college and we, my kid and I are both so freaked out and stressed we could (and have) cried!

Its not fair! Its absurd the cost and the stress an education places on the american family! Its so wrong in so many ways!

Ok thats another post!

Enjoy your Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Flowers Galore

  1. Hi Debtgirl,
    I love the flowers..Your house must look and smell beautiful. As far as college.your daughter needs to apply for scholarships,, etc. or get recruited by a school with a woman’s golf team who will help pay her expenses. She should apply and be qualified for support. Have a good week.

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