College Bound

Ok my kid is far from “college bound” but we are bound by all the work that we are going to pour into finding her path.

I want to thank you all for every morsel of info you share with me about the whole process, I am listening and learning something new every day!

I checked this out of the library:



See thick! A lady told me to get Fiske College book, but not now! Too broke!

I found a spreadsheet online to help me keep it organized!

I think we might focus on State college as its cheaper but I am open!

We have a college visit planned in August. Which by the way is looking so crazy that I have decided to leave the board tonight! Last night!

I have two more months in my term but they are having 4 meetings a month and too much reading! Way too much of a time suck!

So that is one less thing!



2 thoughts on “College Bound

  1. We live within walking distance of a great university but my son has decided to go to one three hours away, partly for the residence experience and partly because there are more sports there. We could have saved thousands if he stayed here but in the end we wanted it to be his choice…good luck with it all..hard decisions, I know.

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