How Bout a Chat

Good morning! It’s Sunday morning and I find myself right where I like to be on Sunday mornings, in my bed with a cup of coffee, the window open so I hear the crows, some mornings I feel like shooting them, (NOT REALLY) but strangely, not today.  I just wonder what the drama is out there!


I can feel the cooler morning air coming in and all feels pretty dam good.   Yesterday I started sorting through my clothes closet and also the linen closet, you know  the one that collects all the products and crap from life.  Lots of stuff like band aids to razors, lotions to Theraflu packets.  I actually found a unopened pack of razors as I rummaged through the junk. That was worth the effort.  Now I probably have enough razors to last me till the end of the BK.  Not really, but we have an abundance.

If there is one that that is missing in my life, it is abundance.  I will take it where I get it!  Winking smile

I still have lots of sorting to do, filing mostly. Don’t you hate filing?

My kid is doing great this summer.  She is working and has already saved a thousand dollars towards a car, I have that much as well.  We hope to get her a car by the middle of next year.  I am not looking forward to paying extra insurance, and all that, but I am looking forward to both of our new found freedom. 

As you know we have started the process of researching colleges.  I am sure there is something I am going to miss or F-up!

College Just Ahead Green Road Sign

She has her last golf tourney of the year next weekend and I can’t wait.  She has been off most of the summer for those events because they have them during her work week. The new season starts next month and we are back!!!  I love that!

Next year she has to join AJGA because now she is good enough and that is where college coaches look. Where oh where is that money coming from?



I have no choice but to make it to age 62, but it is devastatingly more difficult  If I didn’t have a chronic illness that hits me out of the blue, I would be so out of there. My flares have never been bad enough to miss work, but I never know, the next one could be and also land me in the hospital.  I just feel that I’m not working for anything but my pension.  With every passing year, it adds 2%  I might not be getting a raise now, but I am giving my self a raise in retirement.  That is all I keep my eye on.  I will bring home 50% of my income and start social security early.  By god, I have earned every single penny! 

I can’t stand the sight of my boss, he sickens me. He needs to leave.  He is useless and I have lost all respect.  I used to stick up for him, not any more!  I just let people bash him and shrug.

Finance is a challenge right now.  Well, that is nothing new, but trying to save for a car on top of everything else is really challenging.  I find myself back at the 99cent store more than Vons and also I am not even shopping at thrift stores.  Too expensive.  Winking smile  I just gave up buying anything and let every single extra go.  There is just no wiggle room anymore.  It’s go time!

I am determined to get through the next couple of years and get my kid a car and all the other college and golf stuff she needs.  Not to mention the cost of college visits and applications.  I cancelled a couple visits already and found closer state school to visit that we don’t need to sleep over.  We are going to definitely start looking at State!

Lot’s to choose from!

I have been feeling really good!  I walk a lot at work and on the weekends.  I met this lady, 84 years old that walks the lake with me on the weekends. After our walk she goes to the gym.  She is amazing.  My inspiration! 84 years young.  Let’s just hope the medicine keeps my illness at bay for at least a few more years.  Hopefully, until I retire. No… hopefully forever!  I plan to go to a yoga class that I found for only 6.00 twice a month, just to meet more people and feel like I am learning yoga so that I can do it all the time someday.  $12.00 a month is not a bad deal huh?  I know people who spend a fortune to wind down and relax at yoga.  I don’t get it!  That would stress me out. Winking smile

What’s that?  No, I have lots that keeps me entertained.  I watch lots of stuff on my iPad for free.  Right now I am watching Odd Mom Out on the Bravo app.  It’s…. different, but funny!  Not sure I can relate to her wealthy, yet not as wealthy as her in-laws dilemma.  Really kind of irritating.  Meh!


Hope it gets better. 

There you have it, we are all caught up.  What have you been up too, I haven’t heard from you in so long!



4 thoughts on “How Bout a Chat

  1. Your work sounds pretty awful, but since you are the bread winner, hang in there. My husband really can’t retire till almost 70, he looks great and very healthy. But we didn’t do the whole retirement thing well, so now we’re stuck. 😦
    I hope your daughter gets a golf scholarship. My daughter went first to local junior college which we could afford. It was about 400-500 a semester. Then after 2 years she transferred to UC Santa Cruz on a full scholarship . It might be something your daughter could consider.
    Glad your health is holding up.

  2. Since I am mostly out of a sucky work situation, I can completely relate. Keep the goal in sight – retirement! Has your daughter considered attending a local junior college for a couple of years and then transferring to a state school? Assuming she does not get some awesome scholarships to go elsewhere. Two years at home at JC would be helpful in financing school.

  3. You sound overwhelmed. Hugs.

    Check out College Confidential (online). So much information on schools, financial aid, scholarships, studying for the SATs. Look for the “Xiggi Method” for SAT studying.

  4. I’ll add another plug for 2 years at a jr. College and then transferring for the final 2 years. Sorry about the icky boss situation.

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