Happy Saturday!

I am up in Ojai today! My beautiful daughter has a golf tourney and we decided that today she would go it alone without me! I like to walk along usually but not today!


Look at that range! All girls! Golf is getting so popular! The boys start later.

While she is there I hit up some garage sales! Ojai is so artsy fartsy I knew I might find cool stuff!

I did!


That is real metal and an artist sold it to me, its got the coolest vibe. She told me it would attract great people to me! (It already did- her!)

Then I found all these art supplies!




I have been playing with drawing! Gosh I wish I had mine own space at home to play! Draw, paint or ?

And finally these! I have no idea what they are but maj cool! Long necklace?


The glass beads are so pretty, maybe I will hang them on my patio?

It was so pretty today out, now I just kick back in the club house and wait and just know that my kid is out there doing her best!



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