Up 20 Points


I think that score is better than my score before BK because of my debt to income ratio.

Looks good’



5 thoughts on “Up 20 Points

  1. Hi Debtgirl…where are you getting this report from. How are they reporting it without showing
    that you’re in bankruptcy? With the major reporting sites – experien, etc. the bankruptcy shows up
    as a negative on the report. Just curious…

  2. As someone who spent most of her adult life not knowing her credit score (I’m 41)….This year one of my credit cards started informing me on a monthly basis what mine was. According to them it has been 674 since the beginning of the year. This is considered average and I considered that to be not too bad (My finances are pretty lousy but I have managed to pay my bills on time… but still it is an understatement to call my finances lousy). Anyway a week ago another card stated that my score was 705….ok. Then today my credit union (on another matter) informed me that my score is 754!! Strange stuff! Whatever it is, this is encouraging me to get my financial house in order as best I can.

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