Morro Bay

Guess where we are going?


You will never guess!


Really you will never guess!



Have you guessed yet?

So pretty! I wish I could say we are staying five days, three days or even two!

😦 But I do feel lucky to spend one night!!! Next week!

Now I am just grateful for Friday! Hope you are too..,



3 thoughts on “Morro Bay

  1. I hope you have a fantastic 1 day adventure. Right now, I find that every extra special thing that comes my just that, extra special 🙂
    I know I appreciate things more!

    • Thank you! Its $ I should be using for other things, but I feel so deprived I never do much for me! I cant believe one night at a motel has me feeling so guilty!!!! Gah! I need to stop that!!!

      • Yes you do…our situation means discretion but not total deprivation. There s nothing wrong with a rare special treat once in a blue moon. Enjoy!!!!! (The guilt will come and go..and so does life).

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