Bleeding Money

Hello! Our trip to San Lois Obisbo / Morro Bay was awesome!

We went to tour Cal Poly and before hand I contacted the girls golf coach so we met her as well. It was truly an experience that motivated my kid. Will she go there? Doubtful, but it was a taste of college life she needs to strive for.

So we registered for high school too, cha ching!

School clothes = cha ching

School supplies and tote = cha ching

Golf yearly membership = cha ching

September tourney = cha ching

Doctor appts = cha ching

Feeling like I could really use a lottery win! Ha!

Thank goodness there is $ in my daughters car savings to borrow from!

God it never ends!


I hope all is well with you!



2 thoughts on “Bleeding Money

  1. Hi Debtgirl. I was waiting for your post..was waiting all weekend to hear that you had a wonderful time. And by the sounds of it, that definitely happened.

    Money..what can I say..a necessary evil..but gosh here today and gone today!

    Somehow you make things happen and that’s wonderful.

    Have a great week.

    • Hi Sophieanne! We did have a great time, the place we stayed has wine and cheese for me in the evening and hot breakfast in the morn. The drive up was nice and since we shared a room, one night was plenty! Apparently I snore now! ;-).

      Yep making it happen hook or crook! Just feels so paycheck to paycheck, but I guess it always has. Xoxxo

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