Back To School

My daughter is back to school today! I think she is prepared but still overwhelmed.

Junior year is a critical year and we both know it.

She has golf, golf practice, tourneys, a pro to teach her. Not to mention the most crappy coach.

She has geometry and chemistry, with tutoring to help, because she is not strong with either.

She has to find a club, to be “well rounded”. Maybe the newspaper on campus.

Also she has driving instruction and permit test.

Then there is the ACT prep test and the actual test.

There is way too much! I am sure I add to the stress. Whoops!


Somehow we will survive!!

Are your kids in school, out of school? How are they fairing in these rough times?



9 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. She has a lot on her plate this year!! I don’t remember high school being so stressful, or maybe I blocked it out. 😉 My son started kindergarten in July. They started on a Friday, would have preferred a Wednesday start date. So far so good, although I’ve been kind of surprised at the amount of homework he has. They’re already testing these kids on things they haven’t yet learned (words, reading, etc) Now that is stressing me out. Our main costs were school supplies and uniforms, thankfully he was gifted some of both since his birthday was also in July. Let’s hope for a very successful years for all the kids! (And be glad we’re out of school, haha.)

    • Wow Kndergarden seems like a million years ago and just like it was yesterday too! They grow fast. I have to say middle school was the worst but jr year might top that! Nive to see you AJ!!!!! Hugs! How’s the baby???

  2. My son starts university in September and my daughter starts grade 11 then too. Good news is my son got his full drivers license last week – passed first time and on a stick shift! Bad news is the insurance is still high here – extra 70 dollars a month to have him on ours and in October when my youngest gets her first licence that doubles. Hopefully they’ll both find some pt jobs.

    • Yikes for both kids on the insurance but even more yikes is to have two new drivers on the road in your family! You gotta have nerves of steel! My kid got a job at a gym but she hasn’t started and they are really cool about letting her slide until golf season is over!!!! She babysits occasionaly and that helps her. This year she is going off campus for lunch at about 5.00 a day!!! The costs really do keep going up, good thing they can work. So nice to see you Kiki!!!!! Xo

  3. Good luck to your daughter this year!

    IMHO, skip the club unless she really enjoys it. She is well-rounded – she has golf. Sports carry a lot of weight, because admissions knows how much time goes into them. (They also understand that kids who need jobs spend their time working, not at clubs.) But newspaper gets her writing articles, and that is a good thing to learn.

    I interviewed students who were applying to my alma mater, and what I looked for was a student’s passion for the activity and commitment to it. There were times when a student would light up when talking about their extracurriculars, and that always left a very strong impression on me. The laundry list of clubs… Eh.

      • I mean, if she’s really enthused about the newspaper, do the newspaper, but “clubs for the sake of clubs” don’t really help much at all – especially junior year.

        She can write an admissions essay about golf (or work, or balancing golf and work). She can talk to an interviewer with a big smile about golf, the challenges, why she picked it up, why she wants to continue, etc.

        And I’m close to an expert on guiding people through admissions – all I know is what “we” look for on the school’s end – but I would guess that “I scooped ice cream/started my own babysitting service to pay for my golf lessons and tournament because my single mom struggled to afford it” would kind of rock as an admissions essay.

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