$100.00 for Used??!!

My kid came home with a few more things that she needs for school, naturally, right?

A calculator. Not just any calculator but THIS calculator.


Thats a used one. Jee-many!

Well I suppose it would not hurt so much but lately I have spent some pretty good change!

We will make it happen, come hook or crook!

:/) Happy Friday!!



7 thoughts on “$100.00 for Used??!!

  1. See if it’s possible to get the normal TI-84 or a TI-83. Both are less than the 84 plus, and all of them do almost anything needed for high school math.

    • Her tutor for math and Spanish is starting tomorrow and is bringing one! I hope to buy it from her! Crazy expensive! I also asked my kid to ask teacher if an iPhone calc app would be ok.

      • The problem with the iPhone is that it doesn’t have graphing capabilities. What you really need is to be able to input a function and have it pop up on a graph. That’s why I would try for a different TI-(something) graphing calculator. The features that they add with the “plus” or the “silver” or whatever aren’t really necessary for high school math, but the ability to generate a graph is.

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