I Found a Calculator

I am pretty happy right now for a broke girl.  I was able to find the calculator that my daughter needs and I found it for $50.00!

FullSizeRender (4)

Its such an expensive little piece of equipment!  I told my kid if she loses it, I will kill her… dead.  I told her to treat it with the same respect that she uses with her Range Finder!  Another piece of gold in this house.

FullSizeRender (5)

Thank you Catie!

FullSizeRender (3)

We are using the same tutor this year but now I have her for an hour and half, she is helping with Geometry and Spanish.

Don’t ask me how I am paying for it.  Don’t ask me how I am paying for the calculator either.

I have no cash in the bank and not being paid until Wednesday!

* shrug *

I just hope that she doesn’t cash the check until Wednesday.

Totally off topic, but there are so many times that the thought has crossed my mind that my company should really REALLY be ashamed to push their employees into BK or into hard times. I am not blaming my whole situation on them, but really, had I got the raises or the promotions that my asshole boss promised, this would not be happening.  I hate that f*cking company and boss and I can’t wait for KARMA!

My boss is probably one of the most deceitful and low budget individuals I have ever met and I truly feel sorry for his wife and daughters.  Truly.  I would die to live with a man like that.  DIE.  Its hard enough to work with him.  I figured out why he has not retired, because his wife would not let him play World of Warcraft all day long, she will find out once he retires what he’s really like!  Ha!  Where else can you get paid to play computer games?  He does a couple of things during the day and then goes right back to it.  Hilarious.

* sorry for the venom readers, but it sure feels good!  😉

I think I will stay until I am really old just to spite them too!  HA!

* shrug again *

*  sorry for the language! *



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