Ostrich Therapy

That’s what the Vet said Gracie was doing for herself!


She would not leave my arms or quit burying her face in the crook of my arm!




She would hear the Vet in the hall and look up in fear!



Then she hide again!



Tonight she found
a pile of clean sheets.



I can always rewash, she deserves that much!

Turns out she probably has a UTI. He did an ultrasound, took some urine and will culture it. He also gave her one weeks antibiotics.

$210.00! Out the door. To me its a lot but it was so fair! That guy gave me the best deal.

I told him please just give me the least expensive and least invasive for my baby and he totally respected that.

Still bleeding money but its all going for my girls!!! I can’t
think of a better place to put it.

I got this! Even though I have to agree with Gracie it is so much nicer to bury your head against all the unpleasantness. 😉



9 thoughts on “Ostrich Therapy

  1. It’s worth every cent. She is so pretty. I miss my Princess. She was a tortie. She’s been gone now a while and then we lost sweet Tucker a year ago christmas. I miss him too. I’m glad you took her in and it’s just a UTI…

  2. I’m glad you were able to get her checked out. She’s a beautiful cat. Have you checked into getting a Care Credit card? it covers vet services (at places that accept it. Both the vets nearest me do). Usually they offer 6 month no interest financing for the amount you had to pay. It really helped me out when I had an unexpected $500 vet bill a couple of years ago and then I’ve used it for all my dental work. I’ve been able to make payments for 6-18 months with no interest.

    • That sounds like a great idea. But I dont know if I can finance anything because of the bk, I already have a 500.00 card I use and sometimes that comes way to close! ;-(

      I just trying now to buy nothing extra because I am bleeding $$& so badly.

      I just paid 175.00 today for ACT boot camp and I am robbing Peter to pay Paul! Gah!!!

    • She sure hates the meds, its liquid! I think I have to fork over for the next 5 days of antibiotics but at least she is gonna be better.

      It was so funny, she cried all the way to the vet, and not a peep on the way home, like she knew the worst was over. That cat amazes me!

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