Pay Day!

But its basically gone already! It was gone before it got here!

I sure spent a lot this last couple of months.

Today I spent another bundle on a bootcamp for my kid to attend next month for ACT test! Its for a whole weekend and should help her feel more prepared.

I had to get it because it was 175.00 through and all the other camps are 600.00! Completely out of my grasp!

I maxed out my 500.00 credit card for that. I can pay it off and pay back my kids savings (most of it) next check.

This last month or so has been seriously expensive. Like beyond my means expensive.

I am down to pantry eating. Last night I had eggs and potatoes. It was actually good.

Tonight we will eat out of freezer again. I have some Frozen Shu Mai from Trader Joes and will make up some rice & veggie.

I have more things coming up, tutor, gas, food, more meds for Gracie and more!

I think what I may have to do is be late on something. I was thinking maybe my mortgage but thats not a good idea! I think I will be late on my HOA and just pay the 30.00 fee next month. Its better than going over on my checking account!!

This is the last time I can deal with this! From now until eternity I am buckling this up!

Tight tight tight budget!!!!

How are you doing? Thanks for sticking it out with me, profanity and all!!!!



3 thoughts on “Pay Day!

  1. I’m with you, I can’t believe the money going out and it’s not equaling what’s coming in. I saw the eye doctor yesterday. No new glasses ,just lenses in my frames, still $385! WTF!!
    Then we’re still paying off the doctor bills from Seattle, and my BMB . It’s just ridiculous. My husband just got paid too, and it’s not even enough to cover the first of the month bills, AHHH.

    • Oh yeah, dont get me started on healthcare costs. Even that is not my reason for being in BK, its is a major reason for most filers!

      Our systems are so messed up! ;-(

      Good luck this month Tahoe Girl!!! We got this!

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